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Anonymous Question #1


So I have tons of problems so we'll try to spread them out lol.  First problem we'll go with is my fuwifey and how should I get out of the fumarriage without hurting her feelings?  Our marriage has gotten stale and I'm ready for a change I think.  We have become great friends and I'd like to know a professionals opinion on the best way to get out and still be the best of friends.


My advice:

Honestly. If you are friends, then she will likely be ok with it. You do have to put on your big boy shorts and deal with it like a grown ass man.

If you would prefer to pass the blame, then you can always tell her that you have found someone that you are interested in, and the fumarriage is frowned upon by your new mystery lady. Ask her if it would be ok to terminate. If she says no, do it anyway. You just won't stay friends.

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