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Deliciously Divine's blog: "Who am I?"

created on 07/31/2008  |  http://fubar.com/who-am-i/b235711
Who am I seems to the be the question I am asked most often. I did not write an about me section on purpose. I'll gladly tell you why - its because you are part of who I am; read on! We all live through our lives enduring. We breathe and bleed in much the same way. I am not talking about bleeding from a cut (we all know the color of our own blood); profoundly enough I mean our hearts and emotions. As much as I'd like to sit here and tell you that I am this and I am that; unfortunately, I cannot! However, you can tell me. The way I see it is I am just a subject. No, not a subject as in conversation! I will tell you that I see myself as subject to interpretation. Those who have entered my life in my past and present as well as those who are in my future have been and will always be part of the process of evolution of me. For this - I thank you! I am well defined based solely upon my ventures in life. Destiny unknown! I realize my strengths were once my weakness; and I have had many and likely still do. I am not afraid to say that I have fears and I will also admit some I will overcome and some I will not. Some people have said this is mind over matter. While on one hand I would agree and on the other hand I will disagree. I will simply disagree because my life has not been lived by anyone but me; although, it has been shared. I would have to say that I am both pessimistic and optimistic. I am also quite subjective and objective. I learned long ago that I am unique merely because I am me. I have taken time to notice that some days I walk in front of, behind, and alongside my shadows. I also took the time to notice that while I am in front; I'm leading, when I am behind; I am following, and when I am alongside; I am equal. This perception is how I view many facets and aspects of my life. In the very ways I look at myself I tend to look at others. This is not judgment it is perception; a very distinguishable difference. You are very much who I am. The last thing I will say is, I like me; and if I were you, I would like me too. One thing I ask is don't be afraid to tell me who I am to you. Please do not hide behind the curtain of life stand up and share yourself with me. I am honored to have you in my life. If you got this far, thank you! If you didn't I'm sorry I lost you along the way.
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