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Well, well, well - I applied for a few positions at a local hospital in the Intensive Care Department and I am thrilled to report to you all that I have accepted the position. It was one of two jobs I wanted desperately - and by goodness I got one of the two. I will be working 3 12hr shifts with 3 days off and it may include every other weekend - but have already been informed it may not be that frequent. I am excited and nervous but I'll swing it - I always do. I can't wait to start. I go on Tuesday to complete my new hire process paperwork, paperwork, and paperwork - insurance plans and coverages. The works. The I9 alien form to prove that I am a Naturalized Citizen and employable in the US. I hope all is well with everyone and I appreciate all the love being left for me. I know my periods on fubar have been far from what they used to be but life has sure has its ups and downs. The brother in law is doing much better for those who are concerned. Becoming more and more independent and that's a plus. I feel blessed to have played such a huge role in his recover now it is time to move on and focus on me for a while. Its amazing to have the freedoms to live for me and myself only. Aside from my children who mean the world to me. Well, i am about to start dinner we are having pork roast, potato, and some green beans with almond butter garlic sauce. Anyone care to join us? Lots of love and I miss my friends - and hotties too =) You will be seeing more of me I promise! Love, Sussie
Hey Everyone - Ok, so I know its been a while since I blogged last. First, I would like to thank those who have sent me recent friend requests - I certainly appreciate it. As for my update - ok, some of you have been paying attention to my pictures that were uploaded since being in TN. I have made a really great friend here - her name is Diane. She has pretty much been the person I have been hanging around most with. Micheal and Shaun, well, them too when I get out. Notice I said, "When!" Its not often because I am still working very closely with my brother in law in his rehabilitation from the accident. He is progressing but not as quickly as we had hoped for. Other things have started happening as well - my sister has entered an active phase of her seizure disorder I blame the amount of stress she has been under watching her hubby suffer in tremendous and unthinkable ways. He is in an immense amount of pain and we cannot get his pain under control. So, I now not only take care of my brother in law, but am doing more for her as well. Things are kind of tough here not really having much of my own money - but its life I guess. I love my family and will work freely for them. I have begun to look for a job - not being from around here has me limited as I have to rely on getting to know others so that I can learn the area and that's quite tough as well. Its only tough because my free time is limited. However, when I go out - I go out! I've had some real fun since I have been here - not been to any bars or anything so I can't comment on what that experience is like but I'm dying to go out and just make it to Cotton Eye Joe's - IDK why I guess just to see what it is like. I was out with Diane yesterday and we went to McMinnville and I sat in front of a carnival wishing I had enough money on me to take Diane's daughter Makayla to go on the rides. Sadly, I didn't have it - so we just kind of watched for a few minutes as it had just started and that was around 6:30 pm or so Monday night. When all of a sudden I hear sirens - a sound that would be bothersome to many of you out there but those of us involved in EMS have come to accept the sound of our loud horns, the smell of our diesel engines, and the often erratic driving we must perform to ensure the safety of another person's life who is in jeopardy at the time we are disptached to a call. I did not realize how close I was to another friend - in fact, I was not that far at all and it was him who responded to the call answered by those very sirens I heard. Irony? Yes! Without a doubt. So, I will be seeing him soon. I had someone hear me sing - and they told me they are taking me to Nashville so others can hear me sing; but asked me not to forget about them when I make it big time. Yeah, ok as if that would ever happen in my lifetime! I was put on this earth to serve a purpose just as we all were; and singing is not my purpose healthcare is. So, I will be pursuing a job in the medical field. At least until all of my reciprocity for my Paramedic Certifications are accepted - I have to do a refresher for that first. However, I went to one interview yesterday it went well. I have two others for the same hospital, one in the Emergency Department and one in the ICU. Wish me luck please??? I would love either of those two jobs. This is my specialty at least in the world of EMS. For many years I have worked with those who are critically ill or injured, as well as, those who are dead that I have successfully revived from either overdoses, or premature onset of a cardiac condition, diabetes, choking, stabbing, shooting, or those involved in serious motor vehicle accidents. As well, I have worked with minor injuries and illnesses. So, I am better suited for a position in the ER or ICU. The interview I attended was on a post surgical unit. Well, ok, a job is a job - but post surgery is not my forte. I am a caretaker by nature and love being who I am. Just the same I love my gift of knowledge and ability to put it to work in a positive manner. So, we shall see how all of this turns out. I would also like to apologize to everyone for not really being online all that much - those who have my number can call me anytime as you all already knowt this. Those who don't have my number you can always email me here through fubar or leave me comments. I will eventually get all caught up when life simmers a bit for me and I become more structured with allotments of free time. Ha, that sounds funny allotments - good lawd, I sound like a dork right there. But that's ok - I love being a dork too. For the last couple of days I have had an inability to sleep and here I sit blogging for you all at least those who take the time to read my blogs! I don't write a lot here but when I do its just pretty much an accountability of where I have been or what's on my mind. I guess that's why I do it - just so you can keep track of my busy life. I am heading to Nashville today in fact, in 3 hrs to go and check some things out like what the colleges have to offer for Nursing curriculums. I am strongly considering going onto obtain a Nurse Practitioner's license so that I can do much more than I can currently with my life and my knowledge. Expansion is never a bad thing. I want to broaden the scope and bite on the horizon. What do you think? Yay or nay? I also considered med school - but ugh, I think I am still a bit less confident in that aspect or capacity. I have some friends encouraging me to go for it - but geesh, I just don't know if I could handle that much more school at this point in my life. Oh well, I will just pray on it and hope that my prayers are answered and keep you all informed of what I decide to do. My days and nights are consumed with boredom as of late. I try to get online here at fubar but let's just say that the town I live in is very rural and doesn't have cable modems offered out this far in the country *with a nice little southern accent*! LMAO so, I decided to purchase a wi-fi card for my lap top so I can be online more than what I am now and forget about the dial up shyt I have been dealing with here. It takes forever and I can't do all that I would like to do it takes 10 minutes for just my own page to load. I suppose I was a little spoiled in my hicktown of Pulaski, NY which I do miss surprisingly. As much as I dread the winters up there - I miss my friends and family there. Anyway, its now 4:40 am and I need to get a little bit of a nap before Granny calls to wake me up as she is going with me so I don't get lost in Nashville... lmao Granny she is a trip in a half for sure. If you took the time to read this little update thank you - if you over looked it for some reason sorry you missed it. I miss all of you - and I'll be gearing up to get back to the mumms, commenting, rating, posting all kinds of good stuff I have managed to find in my few spare moments when I can actually see what it is I am looking at before I post it. For now, continue to keep an eye out for my multimedia pictures and I'll try to get some regular pictures uploaded here soon too. Leave me luv - I need it... until next time take care ya'll... xoxo Sussie
Hey Everyone - Well, I arrived in TN yesterday and the flights were unenventful for sure. My sister met me at the airport and the first thing she said to me was, "Dayum girl, you got skinny you need to eat!" LMFAO IDK where she see's skinny because she is smaller than me...lol Anyway, while we were at the store getting some items for my brother in law's medical needs; she said something about my size again, and I stood in front of her to show her that I am not smaller in width then she is. As some woman watched on in her car - I moved a little closer to my sister and OMG both of us were looking down and we hit heads. The lady in the car I notice was laughing at us. I only noticed because this was a so did anyone see that shit kind of moment as Haley and I just cracked up laughing at our own silly beings. LMAO Needless to say, when we got to the house the first thing my brother in law asks me is, "Do you think they can fix my face!" I had to leave the room because I was going to cry. I take for granted everyday that I have no scars or anything on my face. At that moment I seen myself realize how the simple things we see in a mirror everyday whether we find ourselves ugly, average, or beautiful can be so quickly changed in an instant from a traumatic event such as an accident. This also was the first time I seen my brother in law shed tears. He is every sense of a man and I just never imagined him getting all teary eyed in front of me. While doing his medical care for the first time it was difficult to keep myself together without letting emotions overcome me. I guess I never realized how much I still enjoy what it is I do for a living; the compassion is unbelievable still many years later. Yes, as a Paramedic I see trauma everyday but have few personal experiences to relate or identify with on such a personal level. Don't get me wrong I have endured trauma in my family relative to domestic violence and a sister who was shot in the back and left disabled. My heart still manages to find compassion and concern for my fellow person and so much more for my family and friends. I will admit, I am a strong person but like most people when things affect our family I am extremely sensitive. I think I forgot how sensitive I was in heart, mind, and soul. Needless to say, my first time doing home care and despite it being for my brother in law this has been quite an experience already and its only day 2 for me. It is a lot of work. So, for the nurses that do homecare - my heart goes out to you all. I am very happy to be blessed with the skill and knowledge to be able to help my family as much as I can. Yesterday was my sister's first real break. I can't imagined being disabled and having to face every challenge in life to be able to help your loved one to heal. She is my hero for sure! Gosh, I just love her. I am so glad she is able to now just take time for herself and focus less on the medical concerns and worries that she has been consumed with prior to my arrival here. I know she will still have them; but, I feel so much better being able to give her a break and showing her by being here for them both really means a lot to me and I know to them both as well. I am also very happy to tell you who my real life hero is - she is an angel for sure. Anyway, I must run and get some things done here. I will post updates from time to time about how we are all doing here in TN. I wish everyone well. If you read this thank you - leave me a comment if you care to. Otherwise, I'll see you all in my next update. Love, Me
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