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So, in having a conversation with my son Noah I asked if Nicholas had a girlfriend, he said, "No!" I asked if Nathan had a girlfriend, he said, "No!" Naturally I ask, "Do you have a girlfriend? He said, "Yes!" I said, "You do, what's her name?" He whispers, "Shelby". I said, "What does she look like?" He replies, "She has brown hair... No, I'm not talking about her!" Nicholas throws into the conversation, "Noah, you're talking about Hannah." Noah, say's, "No I'm not." Then asks, "Mom, am I talking about Hannah?" I reply, "No, and I'm not telling anyone who you are talking about." Noah says, "Mom, Nicholas likes Hannah, but she moved away." Next, the two are arguing, and Noah, yells, "Nick, no girls really matter unless they are family anyway!" I said, "Right on Noah!!!" That's it, its all about family! Proud of my 9 yr old ;)

Byline: Submitted by Diane Holliday, Taekwondo America

The following was submitted by Diane Holliday, Taekwondo America.

Taekwondo America collected almost $2,800 in donations for the Oswego County Children's Fund through its annual fund-raiser.

Students from the martial arts studio, at 135 E. Bridge St., Oswego, collected donations in the fall and publicized the cause in October by putting on a board-breaking demonstration at the Oswego Farmers Market.

Special recognition went to, Sussanne GI who, raised more than $900.

If my life was a portrait, it would show all of my true colors and be etched in gold.

If my life was a photograph; it would never get old.

If my life was a secret; it would never be told.

If my life was a set of arms; it would always have you to hold!

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