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Hey everyone, When I am sent a friend request many people say, "I'd like to get to know you better..." among other things! So, I thought to myself and this is what came to mind. If I were to write a blog about myself it may tell you a little about me. I do not get overly personal with people on fubar. Unless, of course I know you. Which leaves me one question for all of you who may be reading this. If all you do is drop by my page and rate my pictures or leave me comments, but never send a shout message how can I get to know you, or you get to know me? Its not that hard. If you don't like to use the shout feature then feel free to send me a private message - although, I must tell you I receive a lot of messages but I never ignore them. It may take some time for me to reply to you, but I assure you I will. To answer another frequently asked question, "Why do you use the name Deliciously Divine?" Well, I wanted to use a name that was unique because I believe each of us are in our own way. I have other reasons as well, but those are personal - yet, if you can be creative and use your imagination you'll figure it out, if not; then ask me I will tell you. Often when I leave comments I will sign - DD. However, my name is Sussie. Ok, so now onto the other part of this little introduction to me - Some of my favorite things... This is very easy for me to write because I am not a pretentious person. I like simple things, I'm not extravagant or high maintenance. I prefer flowers that were picked rather than bought. Although, I do like to receive either. I prefer a hand made card that comes from the heart and uses your own words, over another persons words on any given day. I love to wake up to a little note on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, door, pillow, or any other random place so I can find it. Sort of like a treasure hunt. That makes my day! I like to eat dinner together, its not fun when you're alone. Although, we must all eat whether we are alone or not. I love romantic get a ways - but who can afford that these days? I enjoy taking walks just before dark. I love picnics! My favorite foods are most definitely Italian because that is my ethnicity. My favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. I love to trail walk and hike. I don't pay money to have my nails done, I'm quite capable of growing my own and keeping them up. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. Although, I do wear dresses from time to time. I am a girly girl, and I don't swear a lot. My birthstone is Ruby, but I love blue sapphires. I am an animal lover. I love to be outside - nature is so beautiful! I appreciate being respected as I am a respectful person and I have a lot of self respect. As you can see I'm pretty much an average person. I enjoy helping others and am always there when called upon. I'm great at listening and giving advice although, I seldom follow my own advice. So, I try to stay clear of a situation where I would need advice. I hang out on fubar to get to know people. Though, rarely does anyone talk to me. I am quite approachable and very down to earth. Say hello the next time you see me. If I am not here I simply won't answer. If I am here, I'll gladly reply. I do remain logged in throughout the day - but I do live a life outside of fubar. I am currently attending school for radiology, and I work in a cancer center part-time now. I love my patients and would gladly stand next to them as they were taking their last breath while holding their hand so they are not alone! I have experienced that and oh the sadness that comes with it, but the reward far outweighs the sadness. I am very compassionate and speak with my heart, not just my mind. When I say something I mean it, and it meant something for me to say it! On that note, this is quite lengthy and if you took the time to read it, thank you you've just learned quite a bit about me. If I lost you - you don't know what you're missing! hugs, Sussie
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