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D4rkn355 B4ByG1rL's blog: "tired"

created on 04/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/tired/b205066
Just tired of all the lies..players..etc lately. Sorry if I seem in a pissy mood tonight. Just way I feel. Had a friend who's been avoiding me for couple weeks now. He said hes been busy working. I see his name lit up..but hes not on.. hmmm. I could almost believe that somewhat. The fact of he is here..and not speaking to me though..tells me the truth though. I realized tonight hes found someone else hes interested in. I am cool with that. Fact hes lied to me.. and avoiding me.. not cool with. So,I am down a friend tonight. Hurts when you become good friends with someone..just to loose them. Also lost a female friend on April fools joke..due to a joke me and my friend did. She thought I hurt my friend..and ripped right into me. She even came to my page talking about how I am a married woman..and getting fumarried on here..and how I am a loser. That was part of the joke.. I got fumarried to someone..and hurt my friend. Anyways.. just alot on here has been pissin me off. I get so tired of hypocrites on here..bad mouthing people..or skanks like that woman who put people down when they don't know crap. So what if I am married? Think it was a crime , me being on here. My hubby knows I am on here. We are not the closest couple. I get on here..to escape my real life. Anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my big old fat butt. I am sure many on here.. have issues to. You can't tell me all these people on here are single. As for that woman.. is she any better? She comes on here..and begs for blasts..vips..etc. Tells people she loves them, just to get something. Supposedly shes fumarried, but is telling others she loves them. Talk about a loser. Anyways..just a venting blog. I have had enough of the bullshit. Got a problem with me.. or done being a friend..just delete me. Do not lie to me.. or give me crap.
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