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Just a little rambling.. on this Christmas day.  First thing.. I hope everyone has had a good day.

Now..for the ranting.

It seems like I have pissed off or hurt a few of people I have considered friends.

I am sorry.  I have mentioned that I am sorry. It doesnt seem to help.  I see daily the 

negative statuses..etc.  Or I just pick it up through conversations.  I come on here to relax

and enjoy getting away from everyday life..but lately seems like more drama on here then

real life.  Someone just little while ago wished me a happy christmas..but done it a funny way..

and I thought was rather odd and asked why .  Maybe the way I been treated lately by some

is why I get so suspicious ..even when you are being sincere.   Anyways..I am tired of going 

through this..it has been going on for few months now.  If you hate or are upset with me that much

because I didnt give you what you wanted and you can not forgive me..and You have the need

to make me feel like scum all the time..then maybe you should just delete me and forget me. I been

told..I am different..that I dont seem to care..etc.  Far from truth.  When I consider you a friend.. its

for real.  I am not pretending to be friends with you to play this game etc.  Anyways.. I am sure a few

will have something to say about this.. and fact is..I really dont want to hear it..cuz i know allready what

ya think.. you let me know all the time.. I am just putting this out there..because I have had enough.

You either want me around..or you dont.. thats for you to decide. ..

(additional part added after getting a message from a friend)

I am sorry you feel like I dont trust you etc..because I dont give my address to you. Most normal 

people on the net dont give out there addresses even if they been friends a few years..fact is rather i 

give my address or not.. we are friends on here..and I expect you to respect my choices/decisions on what 

I do)

OnlineMonday Monday...so good to me :P
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