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D4rkn355 B4ByG1rL's blog: " shoutbox"

created on 10/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/shoutbox/b255005

I am sure most wont read this anyways but got to vent somewhere. Please stay out of my 

shoutbox if you are only gonna ask how I am or something silly then not respond back when I 

reply.  Obviously you dont really care or I am not important enough to finish the convo.

As for few family..I do not wanna see some of your comments on how I seem to be to busy

also to chat..Yes I can be at alot of time but I dont jump in peoples shoutboxes to start convos

either when I know I am busy.  ..i Also stay out of my box if you just gonna comment on my looks.  You can do that on 

my pics.


yes..I am being a bitch but tired of it all.

Got my shoutbox shut off..only people on my friends list can shout. If your not there..then you will not be able to type to me in it. LOL.
OnlineMonday Monday...so good to me :P
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