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D4rkn355 B4ByG1rL's blog: "top level"

created on 09/14/2016  |  http://fubar.com/top-level/b368320

it has been brought to my attn that I am at top level and that there really shouldnt be a reason

why I should ask for blings or obviously be blinged.  

I never knew that just cause you reach top level you should quit playing the game but obviously some

do.  So there for, I have turned off my ability points to be used on me.  Use them on someone who

needs them to level.  Also..I wont be asking for blings.  I dont want to appear needy.  I know people

frown on people asking that in there statuses..but i thought at least I wasnt hitting up shout boxes asking.

You can still rate or like me.. thats your choice.  I will still help out with helping people level.  I will still

be using my ability points on people .  If you need to polish bling just let me know. I know majority of my 

family has done alot of polishing and have received most the achievements.

I am gonna have them closed also since I dont really need the points..since I am top level.

Have a great day all!

Onlinehappy TwosDay!
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