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created on 05/24/2007  |  http://fubar.com/serious/b85369
Youth. The Days when one is like a Superhero, Nothing really serious really happens, Yes there are terrors but when U get older they are really kinda funny what U worried about back then. Ur Invincible, U heal faster, and Noone almost Noone ever dies. And when and If someone does it's an accident and U write it off to bad luck. it's better Not to take much of anything too seriously. You make lifelong friends and they are invincible too. or so you think Then school ends and It's great N Hurts at the sametime, Still invincible Takes a lil longer to get in shape n U have put on a few pounds but U still look good, still a ladykiller. U start havin serious Hangovers Can't party all nite and sleep an hour N feel great anymore. U need a full nites sleep, U keep puttin certain things off because U have sooo much time, But U really don't Friends move away or get married and it's not the same, U work alot n don't seem to find the time for anything. U find that perfect someone and get married 5 years later U are all alone again. U miss 2 reunions cause u don't have the time or the money. U have watched your mother die U have 2 wonderful kids your Daughter has diabetes, Finding this out was almost as difficult as watching your mother die. Before U know it your......old U wake up one day and your 47 Don't waste your life please...make something of it NOW while U still are able. I read in the Paper Today that a Highschool friend Died of Cancer, she was 45 She was a sweet and wonderful being and now she is gone It's that easy, here one minute and gone the next. Pay attention to this please, don't waste another minute! If you have something U wanna do Just do it! U wont regret it This life isn't as long as U might think. Sincerely Ken


Almost half a century I've been alive. 47 years! and I have ALWAYS been positive about the benefits of living. I have never been Negative Thru the addiction, the Death, the Divorce...I have never been negative. But lately I have watched friends who were so strong and strive for life get old N sickly and brittle. I have never been so sore before, I was a long distance runner in HS, I can't run now I'm almost 300 lbs I have bone spurs in my Heel and I get winded easily. When I was younger I had friends who died in accidents or rare illnesses, But these days they just die. But there are benefits..I get to watch new life emerge and grow up and become parents. So I guess it evens out in the end
If I ceased to to exist would the world still exist? Or is reality just a very realistic fantasy made up just for me? All the people and places that I have met and went to..Are they real? will they continue when I'm gone? Do you ever feel alone inside yourself? and wish that there was someone else inside your mind with you?? I wanna be remembered by my loved one's But I don't wanna be famous or anything. When you're Dead famous or not you are still very Dead I wish I could come back just to see if it was continuous.. Who Knows? Maybe I will
I am here on Cherrytap To make friends. Yes I am 46yrs old But bein friends doesn't mean I want to have sex with all of you. I am a generally nice and kind man, But like everyone else I have my limits. If you accept my friendship request I expect to get to say hi a time or too, Otherwise..why accept? I am Not a Perv. Yes I love Beautiful Women but U have nothing to fear from me. I do get upset at times..Try living the life that I live N see If it don't upset U. Anyways, I am here for my friends so if you added me for a number then remove me.. And don't worry, If you choose to ignore this you will be off my list soon. To the rest of my wonderful friends..I love you. Take care..Ken
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