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LORD VENOMOUS's blog: "Memories"

created on 07/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/memories/b229499

I watch surfing the channels yesterday and clicked on Sesame Street, i hadn't seen it in decades so i thought I wud take a look to see how much it has changed. it really hasn't

I saw characters that were on it when i watched the first episode in elementary school. it was reqired back then.

I had tears in my eyes remembering the good old days watchin sesame street and the Electric Company (the new one sux) I got upset cause so much time has gone by and i am finally starting to feel old. knowing I'll be 60 in Eleven years is really scary.

I remember mister Hooper who origionally owned the lil store (do you) and all the other characters who hav now left us and I wonder....will anyone remember me?

I never expected this day to happen, let alone so soon and all at once like it did. U had so many close calls before and always pulled thru, Not this time. When I was thinkin of you I remembered one thing, I don't have a picture of me and you, because we never ever took one, I haven't seen you in 24 years and will regret this till it's time for me to go too. I didn't say I Love you much either Dad but I always did. even though I never lived with you and you had another family I loved you even when I thought I hated you I Loved you, even when another man tried to take your place It was you my Dad that I Loved. I know now that you did the best that you could, and we both had regrets. But I will NEVER regret having you in whatever small fashion in my life. I love you and will forever miss you. Love your Son, Kenny
I remember sittin in my first real apartment on a friday nite lookin out the window lookin down at mainstreet about 2 blocks away watchin every car cruisin hopin that I would see you drive by. You were ALL I thought about day and nite, your beautiful face that awesome body the way you tasted when we kissed hungrily, how heated it got when we knew we would be intimate very soon. How good you felt. we couldn't be separated for anything in the world. we would make love for hours until we were either spent or sore and yet we would keep goin cause it was so very good. and then when U had to go back home it destroyed me every single time like I was gonna just cease to exist with out you. like a little death inside me every time. If I was addicted then it was the best drug that I ever had. I will never forget you.
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