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I looked for you But U were gone in a fraction of a moment I was alone and empty Insignificant and empty all I had was memories of a false happiness of a life untrue It was over I was dead inside for a longtime I cried thousands..No Millions of tears for a false love, a fantasy then one day I woke up.

for U

Raven Hair and Sexi eyes Ruby Lips and soft soft sighs That beautiful smile will Melt your heart and then you're lost, before you even start You wanna touch her and Hold her close lay right there beside her, that's what U want most. Feel her breath on you're skin, listen to her breathe, hold her very close and never leave.
I remember years ago, Mom gettin all excited cause Christmas was commin..Back in the 60's when I was lil she went all out at Christmas. That was when we still Lived up North (Jersey) She won block decorating contests and was in the paper alot so I'm told. But when I was 7 things changed, My step-Father was ill and had to have a better climate or he would die so we moved to Miami Fla.. Miami was Beautiful in 68' Not the shit-hole it has become today..(Thank U Castro) But it REALLY sucked at Christmas! 70' to 80' degrees on Christmas Mornin really Blows! But my Mom did her best even tho we were now dirt poor and had to start over. (Step-Dad quit his CBS news job in New York, he was a Camera man)My Mother WAS Christmas.. On april 22 1998 Christmas ended for me forever for me. my Mother died of cancer. I had a brand New Baby daughter so it was ok for a couple Years, Got to watch her on Christmas mornin open her Presents, I Loved to stand in the doorway at night to watch her sleep. in March of 2002 That was taken from me. Christmas has becom just another day for me, bein a single Divorced Daddy is now finally OK But I doubt I will ever like the holidays ever again. Not without my Mom...or Katie
I have been on Fubar since it was LostCherry seen alot of people come and go. For the most part I think alot of people are genuine But there are OTHERS that are definately NOT For lack of a better terminology I will call them addicted to points and status whores. and it makes no sense.. What do you actually get out of this?? Words and pics on a screen..U can't touch it, Spend the Imaginary fu-Bucks, They could call U fu-God on here and it don't mean anything.. Just typed words on a screen..And the in fighting and Jealuosy?? Jesus how stupid! At least in High School U could see the other person Face to Face. I am not nor will I ever be better than you and I will not try. It's idiotic too me I love my true friends on here and are thankful for them.. Just had to rant alil sowwie..But don't U think it's kinda dumb also?
Why hate me if you have never met me? why does the color of my skin mean so much? why not just give me a big hugg.. Bet you can't hate something you can touch so much.. I feel that hate is a conditioned responce and we feel the need to do so. Just cause Mom and Dad hated whites, Blacks, hispanic's or whoever..doesn't mean YOU need to also Turn over a new leaf N be yourself, and let the past be past, Love you Brother of Sister or Mother and may it forever last.. Love you,Germanie
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