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Journal Entry by kittycelt about 2 hours ago

wish id known how your leaving would change me
wish id known your leaving would make me see
wish id known your leaving would make me strong
then id have known your leaving wasnt wrong.
if i had known how strong i was
if i had known it was all because
if i had known that all my love
would never have been enough,
i would have never tried to fight
i would have let leave my sight
i would never have let you break my heart
and i never would have caused these scars.
i am stronger now than i thought i could be
i am stronger now than you could ever see
i am stronger now than ever at your knee
and i found out that someone could love me.
so im setting you free from me
so im letting you release me
cloudscelt is no gone forever more
because you walked out the door.
im better now without you
im better now i dont need you so
im better now thou i love you still
even though im moving on i always will.
thank you for loving me long
thank yo for loving me strong
but now the time hs come
and now im forever gone

copyright laura lee mcallister 5-19--2011

Shall we dance naked under the pale moonlight. You will know me by the scent of wildness, the look of surrender, the sound of your name being whispered in the night breeze. How then lover, shall I know you? I shall know you by the strength in your body, the warmth of your touch and the single black rose you carry. How do I know these things? For I have dreamed them a thousand nights, that your thoughts would meet mine, that my fears you would overcome and my doubts you would erase. How then shall I know your name? For it has been written countless times in the pages of time. For my name is woman, and you shall be called man, and our paths were destined to cross, before time itself, we were meant to love each other, on a spiritual plane, if no other. My spirit would be weak, damaged, suffering and time worn. Yours would encounter mine in a time that you are strong, powerful and filled with love for others. I praise the day we crossed paths, for that is the day I became whole, new, stong and loved. sexy & romantic glitter graphics myspace code sexy images
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Legacy 09*14*84 My poetry is my legacy, To my friends left behind, No matter where I am at, They’re always on mind. I leave behind thoughts kind, Of friends both won and lost, And the price I payed, Was well worth the cost. I loved them all, With all my heart, Tho’ sometimes so dumb, And sometimes so smart. So when I’m gone, And six feet under, I leave my friends, One small wonder. I hope my friends, Will try to understand, The works and thoughts, Wrought by my hand. Think of me oft, Think of me kind,, For no one knows, This confused child’s mind.
Am I Dreaming April 23, 2006 Staring out the window at the falling rain, Watching it drip down the window, The world goes by in a blur. But, is it rain, or simply tears, Slowly dripping down my face, Not knowing where you are. I hear your voice on the wind, You’re calling out my name, Am I dreaming or going insane. I love you, my friend, like no other, Somewhere between lover and brother, There is no word for it. The world goes wrong when you’re not here, The sun doesn’t shine, nothing goes right. From dawn ‘til deepest night. Are you lonely, hurting, blue, Or just sick or tired, Do you miss me like I miss you.
A Perfect Night of Love 02*01*98 Lights are low, Music sweet, Perfumed air, Soft sheet, A lick on my toes, Worked to my knees, A long night of pleasure, Starts with these. The feeling builds, With a kiss on my thigh, Then a whisper in my hair, Will always make me sigh. A tickle on my tummy, A kiss on my breast, These are the things, That you do best. A nibble on my neck, Blow in my ear, Hands on my hips, As you pull me near. A kiss on the lips, Fingers in my hair, Make no mistake, Love is in the air. Whisper you love me, In words soft and sweet, That is all that I need, To make the night complete.
I Wonder I wonder if he thinks of me, When it’s quiet and he’s alone? I wonder if he remembers my number When he looks at the phone? I wonder if he remembers the smile, I gave so freely to him? Or our special talks, When all the lights were dim? I wonder if he ever stops, To think of me now and then, To wonder how I’m doing, And wonder how I’ve been? I wonder if hurts inside, Whenever they play our song, I wonder if he yearns for me, When a couple strolls along? I wonder if the memories, Keep him awake at night? I wonder if he wishes, We’d never had that fight? I wonder and I question, Until the wonders run out, But mostly I wonder if he ever wonders What I am wondering about?
The Sensuality of You April 20, 2006 A scent is in the air that accompanies the thunderous sensuality of the bass in your voice, The strength that your walk portrays along with the confidence your stance shows. A glance across the room, followed by a burst of nervous laughter, gives the heart away. The tenderness of your touch, your comforting silence, the multitude of ways you reach me. A sideways look between your lashes, a tender caress of your fingers as you pass by me. Wondrous feelings of warmth and unassuming youth and passion leave a question in the air. Do you feel the same tension when I am near? Does the touch of my hand stir a longing in you? Does the sound of my voice bring peace to your heart, can a glance from me put you at ease? Does the ringing of my laughter give you hope for the future, can you see beyond the travesties of time? Can you feel my presence in your heart when we are apart, can you trust me with your heart? Do you see me in your dreams as I see you, can a memory of me make you smile a secret smile?
Reflections on Lovers ________________________________________ Here's to lovers from way back then, And to the ones who might have been, Had I only known of the joys, Of sleeping with those pretty boys. For those whose names I can't recall, From nights too blurred with alcohol. Aand those who are in my heart, Whose love will never, ever part. The good times, bad times, and in-between, For those who left their mark at the scene. The days are gone when I'd wonder why, Or who or when I'd meet the next guy. I'm married now and settled down, Moved away to a brand new town. Yet the past is gone but not forgot, About all the things that I was taught. How to love and please a man, And do all the things that I can. So I'll say once again, I hope you can hear it, my friend. Here's to lovers from way back then, And to all of those who might have been. ________________________________________ Written in the wee hours of July 13, 1998


Echoes of Your Voice April 23, 2006 Falling rain, solitude, candlelight, Scent of you in the air. Music from the heart, Once more you cross my mind. I wonder what you are doing, Feeling and dreaming. I wonder out loud, Are you thinking of me, too? Do you know I miss you, My dearest friend? That the silence and solitude Tear at my heart? That worry for you About tears me apart? That fear you are hurt Wouldn’t let me sleep? Do you know I set up a time So I could give you all of my attention? Or that I sense you have a need to speak Words for only me to hear? A confusion plays across your eyes That I don’t understand. I don’t feel that I am losing you, Not at all, I’m just lost not knowing where you are, In body or in mind.
A Prayer for My Man April, 25, 1985 Lord above, watch over me, Help me solve the mystery. I love him so, he owns my heart, I love him now, tho’ we’re apart. He has his job, you see, He’s gone now, away from me. I think of him throughout the day, And for his safety each night I pray. I used to like the other boys, But now they lack his love and joys. Today, again, he had to leave me, Again he kissed me tenderly. His love , his kiss, his last embrace, One part of the day, I can’t erase. I know that he loves me so, But in the end he had to go. When he left, I cried and cried, I felt a part of me had died. It’s not been long, yet I miss him so, My heart will never let him go. He loves me as more than a friend, Because that’s less than we have been. Our life together will never end, Soon I’ll kiss his lips again. So, now Dear Lord, I guess you see, Just how very much he means to me. So, watch over us, Dear Lord, Keep us together forever.
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