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kittycelt's blog: "for Will"

created on 01/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/for-will/b179437
In my heart, i felt a break, And I started to cry, In my minds eye, I watched you die. As if in slow motion, So I could see the pain, I watched the bullet, Enter your young brain. I heard the report, I felt your head fall back, Watched your eyes go blank, Felt your body go slack. I feel the blood drip, So hot and red, As it falls fom The wound in your head. Your life was gone, Before you hit the ground, You felt no pain, You made no sound. I saw your heart stop, And I started to cry, As in my mind, I watched you die. 01-25-2008 WMH
She's too country for the city life, She just doesn't fit in, But she's too city for the country, Where does she begin? She's jeans and high heels, A little rock and roll, She's pearls and sneakers, A little country as well. Too fast for the slow life, Too slow for the fast lane, Too city for the country, And too country for the rat race. She dresses up by dressing down, Denim and curls, High heel boots, leather suit, She lives by her own rules, No place to call home, She does the best she can, All she really wants, Is a good loving man. 12-12-2007
I know why you hurt me, Though I know you care, You don't know what to do, With the love I share. I know why I stay here, Though it hurts everyday, I want you to know the peace, Of someone who will stay. I know why you fight me, Though you know I am here, Push me away before, I hurt you and strand you there. I know why you make me cry, Though you know how hard I try, Hurt me now, before I can say goodbye. I know why you stay, Though you may not, Take a small chance, On the love you have sought. for WMH 12-11-2007
Old soul, lost soul, Soul in torment, Fill the blue eyes, That were heaven sent. Sorrow and pain, Anguish and regret, You've tried to hide, Since the day we met. Wants and needs, You won't let me see, But if you'll help, I can break you free. Let me heal the wounds, That fill your head, Give me a chance, To erase cruel words said. Feel the gentleness in my touch, As I trace your soft skin, Let my words flow over you, Hear the love within. for WMH 12-11-2007
Long and sleek, See the cat pace, Feel the tension, Etched on his face. Soft and kind, I know he can be, If the pain will, Ever set him free. Cold as ice, Are the blue eyes, Gentleness hides, Neath the deadly lies. Hear the growl, Deep in the voice, As the words say, He has no choice. I know why the cat, Walks alone, Because his heart's, Been turned to stone. for WMH 12-11-2007
I lie awake just watching you sleep, Praying to GOd, your love I'll get to keep, I fell too, hard. I fell too fast, I fell too deep, Please, God, his love I need to keep. You touch me and I know you still care, You try to hide the love both know is there, To pretend you don't just isn't fair, Because you know I will always be there. Your words say no, but your eyes say you lie, When you say those words you can't look me in the eye, They tell me in so many ways our love won't die. When you hug me, you hold me so tight, Your caress on my skin feels so right, You reach out for me in the night, This tells me more than any words might. for WMH 10-27-2007


I hate the way I love you, I hate that I even care, I hate the way I gave you my heart, I hate the way I gave you my soul, I hate that you fill my dreams, I hate that your kiss melts me, I hate that your touch thrills me, I hate that your silence chills me, I hate that yuour smell excites me, I hate the way your eyes ignite me, I hate the way you make me feel, I hate the hold you have on me, I hate that I can't let you go, I hate the way my heart pains me so, But most of all, I hate the way I love you so. for WMH 10-14-2007
I miss your kiss, your warm embrace, Your big blue eyes and beautiful face. I miss your hands so big and strong, Please bring them back where they belong. I need your touch soft upon my skin, Even more now, than I did back then. I want you you to hold me and never let go, I want and need and love you so. Please don't tell me it's over and push me away, Tell me you love me and you'll stay. I miss the cute smile on your sexy lips, The feel of your hands soft on my hips. Let me lay my head upon your chest, And put all my fears to rest. Please, please, don't make me beg you so, Tell me its forever and you won't let me go.. for WMH 10-14-2007
I'm on my knees, begging you please, Can you give us one more try, Before we end what we have, Before you turn and say goodbye. I'm on my knees, tears falling from my eyes, My heart pounding in my chest, The words frozen on my lips, Wondering if you have already left. I'm on my knees, heart within my hands, Offering you all that I have to give, Begging you please don't let our love die, Give it one more chance to live. I'm on my knees, begging you please, Don't wealk away, Please, baby, I love you so much, Please tell me that you'll stay. for WMH 10-14-2007
Why do you hurt me this way, Why do I even care, When I called for you in the night , And suddenly you weren't there. If this is goodbye, just say the words, The agony of confusion just isn't fair, And if you will remain, I'll open my soul and lay it bare. Please, if this is not goodbye, Give me a sign that you still care, Beacuse to lose you forever, Would be more than I can bear, I have so much more love left, With you I want to share. for WMH 9-30-2007
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