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American Eagle with torn flag Another Xanga member wrote an excellent blog regarding the current presidential election process going on & the various candidates as well as referring to Jesus - how He truly cared for people, didn't abuse His power for His own Glory but used His abilities for the greater good of mankind... and related that to how each of us can make a difference in our part of the world and while taking part in the political process. Her blog got me to doing some heart felt analyzing of what is going on in many different aspects of American society - In my humble opinion, it is not about who is our president throughout the years that we need to address - it is the very deep rooted American philosophies, mores, etc that are inherently changing for the worse in many ways because of a very frightening growing divisiveness in our country.. We, as Americans, used to concentrate on what *brought us together* what we had in common.. what we could do *together* no matter *what* our differences religious or otherwise - to help our country be a better country - a better place for our children and their children and so on... Used to be...when you told others you were American - there was an atmosphere of respect - not of contempt - even when there were wars, diplomatic policies, etc. others may or may not have agreed with.. While I have and will always be proud to be an American - I think every country has good and bad in it..and think that we, as a people, need to remember that haughty "Pride goeth before a fall".. Good pride is one thing.. but having a "puffed up" pride as my parents used to say is not a good thing. America is never going to be perfect - No country is ever going to be perfect ...but all of our countries..no matter where we're from - can be better. Proud to be American Americans can help bring back respect, true debate, true ideological discussions (and I do mean discussions - not yelling/screaming matches because people happen to disagree), true dignity back to the American political process...We've just got to choose to do so as a people. I'd like to know...just how many American citizens actually have taken the *time* to read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Amendments.. How many take the time to study the different proposals by the various candidates and analyze what it would mean for our country as a whole? How many Americans have ever taken the time to watch C-Span and watch our Congress *in action* to *see* our political process in action ? I also wonder just how many Americans are contributing to the downward spiral of American politics by doing NONE of the above but just claiming to believe something because - well someone else was saying this or believes this and THEY are a Democrat, or a Republican or an Independent so I'll say ittoo! I mean, after all...we're *busy*..we've got to go shopping, see the latest movie, go to the latest sporting event, go to the bar and hang with ourbuddies...we don't actually have *time* to *think* about these things...**Rolls Eyes** We, as Americans, can't just place the blame on the politicians and presidential candidates here...We've got to wake up to what a privilege it is - to have the freedom to participate in a democracy - bestowed upon us by the sacrifices of our military throughout the ages since America's foundation... and *really* use it - Not just "play" the "game" of politics. Photobucket I can't stand the "Dog and Pony Show" that American politics has become..I really can't... The *show* isn't what true American politics and discourse is about - wasn't from the get go - It was and should be about what can we do as a government, as a nation, as a democracy to help ensure that our people have the freedoms, abilities,choices to do what they need to do to have the best life they can have - without fear of persecution ..and if something is preventing our people from having those necessary freedoms/abilities etc.. what we can do collectively as a nation to look out for the better good of all..NOT socialism...Not hand outs but a hand up.. Politicians of yore used to go "stumping" - literally would go from town to town and stand on tree stumps and hold true **true** discourse..and the citizens could ask questions..and the politicians would *really* answer them with well thought out and heart felt responses. I hate what the American media as well as the Hollywood scene has done to the American election process for the presidential and other elections.. If we took the media out of it... didn't blast it all over television, be so concerned about ratings and polls and just got back down to the "nitty gritty" of what the Presidential Election is *supposed* to be about- then we, as an American people could really demand/expect our Presidental candidates to tell us why they believe what they believe...what would they really do about this or that social problem in society etc etc. Look up the Lincoln/Douglass Debates from the 1800s... and how those two men *really* addressed the hard core *issues* that faced our nation as well as truly interacting with the American people! I mean, let's face it y'all....if there had been televised debates back in the 1800s... Abraham Lincoln would have lost ...he wasn't the most pleasing on the eyes...& if such a critical presidential election had been left up to polls and who was more charismatic back then...well the US more than likely wouldn't be the US it is today because I honestly do not feel that Stephen Douglass could have even come remotely close to being the leader in troubled times that President Lincoln was... We are in just as troubled times now if not more so as a nation...just in different ways...Do we **really** want to leave this election up to popular opinion polls,who is more charismatic...whom can get whom more riled up ....like in a high school popularity Homecoming King/Queen contest??? Let's get real Y'all! Our nations very well being is at stake here - not to mention our childrens futures! If you don't have children yet..think about when some day you do...and how you'd feel right now about this election in hindsight.... If you don't want children...think about the who you want making the laws when you're in your golden years..Children who have grown up in an America where Americans *really* thought about what they were voting on....or children who grew up in a household of mindless idiots who just didn't give a damn but hey we gotta go to the polls...it's what we're supposed to do .... Think about it......Do something about it...Get involved!!! Photobucket We, as an American people, need to get back to getting really involved - not just saying we are..not just hoping to look good on some television out there or that "involvement" would look good on a resume! When we can find a president who truly has the courage of his or her convictions - someone who doesn't just sway with the wind or think about which lobbyist group is going to come by this week because Senator so & so happened to have connections ...and us as the American people at that point can stop being so worried about polls or what people think, get out of the "me me me" greed attitude & get back to "What is going to help the USA & American people the most" - then we can "take America 'back'" but at that point we can actually help make her better and stronger than ever before if we can ever somehow reach that goal. I pray that we do! For US and for the world. Photobucket I think others from many other great nations across the globe - if they take the current situation and emotions out of the mix - if they really did some soul searching - would *admit* that they would *like* to have an United States of America back that they could RESPECT even when they DISAGREED... I long for a day when TRUE diplomacy from ALL freedom loving countries return & I also still have a bit of the idealist in me that longs for a day when Diplomacy and true Respect & political discourse can be stronger than ever before. It can be...we, as a people, have just got to *choose* it and not wait around for someone else to to do it,think it,be active...etc. Americans as a whole need to stop relying on their particular party for "what to think" as well - make up their minds on what they believe for themselves...educate themselves..study what the different laws, policies, issues are and search themselves to find out what their true stance on things are... Too many these days are blind followers - Republican,Democrat, Libertarian and otherwise. I was taught to truly think for myself and analyze the candidate no matter which election - local, state, national....for their voting record, how they treat people in their communities, see if what they say they believe during election time stacks up to what their voting record is, see if they've participated in helping the community through volunteer programs etc. I grew up in Texas & when people accuse me of being a blind follower of the Conservative ideology - or that I'm one of "those" extreme fundamentalist etc.. without taking the time to get to know me or really sit down and find out what I think - just lump sum me in with the rest.. I love shocking them - saying that actually I'm a moderate.. Yes I am Conservative for the most part but that I have voted for a "Yellow Dog Democrat" (Texas terminology for a long time Democrat who has been in Texas for generations) who was had the courage of his or her convictions & had real integrity over corrupt Republicans who were just out for themselves..in politics because it would 'get them somewhere' rather than for what they could do to help our country. If your heart and soul are in the right place - then I still believe that as you get older you have the ability to become less judgemental of others, ways of life etc.and more judgemental on what *you* need to do as a person to help make your part of the world a better place to be in.. As you can very evidently see, I care tremendously for our American nation, our people..our way of life... I also care about the overall well being not only of our nation but of all nations. Those nations with citizens whom actually get to participate in the system without fear of retribution need to be active..make your voice heard.. inspire future generations to get involved... There are so many nations out there across our world where the citizens only dream of getting to voice their opinion without fear of getting killed for it! We need to appreciate what we have & USE IT! Photobucket It all boils down to the fact that all humanity have basic common desires/hopes/dreams/goals... for the most part...We all live on this globe together..we're either going to somehow figure out a way to make this a better world *together* or if we don't start really deep down caring about humanity all over the world...we'll end up destroying what was...what still is in many ways...and what could have & should have remained a very good thing.. I will end this with a line from one of my all time favorite songs....and I've loved it since I was a little girl - I will forever have a loving heart towards all people who don't wish harm on others... "Let there be Peace on Earth..and LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.........." See y'all...that song didn't say..let it begin with someone else.... Now did it ;) PhotobucketProud Americani am proud to be an american...
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