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(conservative) This is the response of the flying our American Old Glory upside down gal - She just posted it in her blog and via a "friends request" to me..Below her response is my response to her...feel more than free to add your own:

Ok,One I don’t dislike America.Nor, Do I NOT support our troops .What I detest is our goverment .Men,women fought to keep us free . BTW..The flag upside down means a country in distress and we are a country in distress in a big way .Everyday more of our rights are taking away.As far as saying whatever you want in America...not always true.I wish you would have researched what was on my page before you got upset about the flag.

Google concentration camps in America,Illuminati,New world order for starters.Btw, I do vote even though it’s rigged and wish Ron Paul (who has more troops support him then any other candidate) would win but our system is rigged .I really think you love your country.I love my country and I want it run by the people 4 the people .We have all these dead soldiers and innocent people 4 what?? Lies,oil. Stop letting the mainstream media tell you lies.Read. 4 real I thank your husband for his service .I hope you research whats really going on in our world.We are closer to china’s ways then you think.I wish you much peace... Steph

This is my well thought out response to her below. If you want to debate..then damn well do a REAL debate..don't hurl stereotypical Liberal lines at me..and be sure to back up your claims with facts and resources that can back up your claims.

I wonder how she'll respond to this one..let me guess...wait wait I got it...TYPICAL ;)I'd be very surprised if she comes back stating exactly which rights, how they're being taken away along with scientific and sociological research/evidence stating that yes they are being taken away...Read on for my response:

1. While we are in distress we are NOT being run by a dictatorship this is STILL a democracy whether you happen to LIKE the current administration or not. I dare say that if their beloved President Clinton or Al Gore or even Kerry were in office right now and had been instead of President Bush ALL of the reasons for us being over in Iraq AND the ills of society would NOT be GOVERNMENTS FAULT **BUT** they would tack it on as the FAULT OF ALL CONSERVATIVES! It is their Modus Operandi...if it is a Democrat/Liberal run government everything is hunky dorey..America is great and hey Conservatives annoy us but let's unite we can overcome!! blah blah blah

2. FOR WHAT She says..FOR WHAT?? Try so that our American Homeland does not become another Gaza Strip, Iran, Kurds versus Shiites versus Sunnis..etc. where the insurgents and Islamic radicals think it is JUST FINE to use WOMEN AND CHILDREN as GLORIFIED Suicide Bombers and they'll all go to allah and the men will have all these wives in heaven as a reward...yeaaaaaaaaaah right!

I have not heard on ANY Liberal Media ANY outcry about the MORAL OUTRAGE at the atrocities these people are committing against their OWN people!!

I suppose if we were in the 1940s instead of right now... the pain of the Jews, the Christians that helped them, French Resistance members in Concentration Camps would have been NONE of our concern because after all THAT was an INDEPENDENT country!!THEY didn't ASK for us!!! We "invaded" Our soldiers died for what?!?! if you folllow Steph's and other Liberals line of thinking.

They can rationalize it all they damn well want to...but if we don't attack terrorism where it is Born, Bred, Fed, and Instilled for generations and generations..now that 9/11/2001 WHERE 3000 INNOCENT MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN were KILLED!! and their FAMILIES ROBBED THE USA WILL BECOME ANOTHER BEIRUT..with our KIDS having to worry about suicide bombers attacking /killing them while they are at school trying to learn just because they are AMERICAN..

Well to All you Flaming Proud Liberals - if you want to SACRIFICE YOUR ***OWN*** SELF AND YOUR OWN FAMILIES during the next 9/11 style attack which will be MUCH worse imho when it happens - GO RIGHT ON AHEAD BUT DO NOT F'N VOLUNTEER MINE JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR LIBERAL PRIDE AND HATE OF THE VERY GOVERNMENT YOU PARTICIPATE IN!!!september 11

Let me guess...if a Democrat was in Office You wouldn't HATE OUR GOVT right????? But THE MINUTE a Republican of ANY type - even Moderate holds office and WHOOOOA WATCH OUT HATE HATE HATE ON THE GOVT

.. If you for one minute think that this is ONLY about oil - and that Iraq does not harbor, aid and abett terrorist IN THEIR COUNTRY then you are much more ignorant and a "blind thinker" than you ever could accuse me of being! Sure oil is a PART of it but it is not SUM TOTAL! Check Snopes Sweety! There is PROOF taken by unemotional unbiased SATELLITES that DO NOT TAKE SIDES - which took photos of terrorist training camps WITHIN IRAQ - with complete sections of an Amtrak Train and a Boeing 747!! Don't believe me.?? I know you don't...I'll do the research post the pics AND the one of the 2 story tall Mural IN IRAQ CELEBRATING the DEATHS of your FELLOW AMERICANS...NOT our Heroes in Uniform but the 9/11/01 VICTIMS!

You CLAIM that our RIGHTS are being taken away - but I notice that NOWHERE in your response in your blog do you take the time to PROVE WHICH rights and provide ACCURATE NON BIASED DOCUMENTATION to BACK UP THAT CLAIM!

You hate that American rights are supposedly being taken away...What about you Liberals unabashed attempt to try to take away OUR AMERICAN 2nd AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!!!!!! You can't stand rights being taken away when it affects YOU but have no problem trying to take Constitutional Rights of Law Abiding Citizens Away?? Explain THAT Away Now!

By the way - nice try to get away with the Liberal rhetoric and claim that the Liberals are the only ones in our UNITED STATES who are intelligent and "think" for yourselves! MANY of us Conservatives actually disagree with President Bush on MANY points and we happen to be die hard THESE COLORS DON'T RUN PATRIOTS ALL on OUR OWN without having to have Daddy Bush TELL US how to think...

I've been a Patriot and a Conservative since I was in Elementary School Darlin - when LO AND BEHOLD!!! YOUR Pres. Carter was in Office....and YES I **DID** know what Conservatism/Liberalism/Libertarianism/Independent was.. I loved to read..and I loved to learn things for myself - read tons of books, talked to many adults of all political beliefs as I formed my own beliefs....etc.

By the way.. I HAVE voted for a Conservative DEMOCRAT before over a Corrupt Republican

So try explaining my Love of Country at that young age while a Democrat was in Office off to being "blinded by Govt" ;) ROFLMAO

I end with my favorite bumper sticker that I got while visiting upstate NY -

GUNS KILL PEOPLE ------- like spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat!!!!
American By Birth, Patriot By Choice Young Conservative
Proud This afternoon while browsing various profiles I came across this one... http://www.myspace.com/rainsgold What I saw as the main profile picture revolted me to the core and made me extremely angry! I could NOT stay quiet as a damn proud American and as the Fiance of an Honorable 19 yrs Active Duty Navy Hero!! The father of my 2 sons is retired Navy! I was not and will continue not to take this kind of thing from ungrateful American cowards! Unlike they like to think these days..True Proud Americans - including Democrat,Republican,Independent,Libertarian - have the right to speak our voices too and to be heard and heard LOUD and CLEAR and PROUD! If what you see when you visit that profile upsets YOU as much as it has me I encourage you to use YOUR American Freedom of Speech to let this particular person know that what she is doing is NOT cool and is a direct slap in the face of all past, present and future military heroes both living and deceased! Your Proud American Friend, Kimberly proud Below is what *I* thoughtfully and very heart felt wrote to her just a few minutes ago: First and foremost, I respect your right and freedoms to feel the way you do..as a great statesman once said "I disagree with what you say but I'll defend to my death your right to say it.." That being said, it *really* troubles me that you live in America yet flaunt a picture of our flag flying so disgracefully upside down like that! Yes America has problems but we have GREAT things and opportunities and people in our country! We have the FREEDOM to take part in our government if we disagree with part of it.. We have so many freedoms that other people in so many other countries only DREAM of.. Right now in China thousands of families are becoming homeless as their government cares more about putting on the Olympics instead of caring about THEM..they are bulldozing houses..Not only that but remember Tianemin Square? That is going on again! In this country you are never thrown in the equivalent of a concentration camp just because you might say in public "I hate President Bush".. or even in private! In China, the Chinese people constantly have to worry that ANYTHING they say to anyone - even family and friends will be reported..and they'll be arrested and thrown in concentration camps!! How do I know this? I had a friend from Harbin China come over to our USA just to learn English and some of the American culture just so she could better the lives of her family and her parents! She was away from her son,her husband and her parents for 4 YEARS while she sacrificed..and took advantage of so many of our freedoms that so many ungrateful Americans such as yourself disdain, even loathe and definitely take for granted! Unlike you, I AM DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and WILL BE UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!! Our military and their families sacrifice EVERY DAY in SO MANY WAYS just so you can go about disrespecting the VERY country you continue to live in even though you obviously hate it so much! My Fiance is active duty Navy 19 years and has been to Baghdad,Qatar and many other areas of the world along with countless other Navy heroes & serve PROUDLY with their brothers and sisters in ALL military branches to keep the USA the democracy it is! It strikes me as VERY FUNNY and CONVENIENT I might add that people such as yourself continue to LIVE in and take advantage of our country, our democracy, our opportunities, malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, going to foot ball games, taking your kids to sporting events or activities such as Cub Scouts or Karate, our free public education system just to mention a FEW of the many thousands of things us Americans have to be grateful for...YET you SPIT VENOM against the VERY COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN AND DETEST! Why don't you put your actions where your heart is and since you're not truly American in your heart MOVE to another country where trust me...the Socialist,Communist,and other ways will NOT be better NOR will they have near as many freedoms as we do here! I may respect your right to feel the way you feel but I detest you for being a spineless coward who doesn't have the courage of your convictions! A lot of hot air! If you REALLY hate America so much as to fly Old Glory upside down and disrespect our fallen Heroes who have fought and died for our country to remain free..as well as those who are fighting NOW and will continue to fight for the preservation of the USA - then you'd PUT UP OR SHUT UP instead of taking the easy way out! By the way ...WHEN was the last time YOU VOTED? I voted this year in the Florida Primary! Good Day! A DAMN PROUD AMERICAN & PROUD FIANCE OF AN ACTIVE DUTY NAVY HERO GOD BLESS THE USA & OUR MILITARY!!!!!! Kimberly support our troops
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