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Matts Apache Tigress's blog: "Ex's"

created on 05/25/2008  |  http://fubar.com/ex-s/b218450
Hey my Friends LOL... those who have known me for quite some time..and from the beginning of Matt and me knowing each other...will get quite the kick out of this email from Matt's Ex that she sent him today lol.

Today would have been their 22nd anniv if she had actually given a damn enough to try really caring about him instead of treating him like he was her damn servant at her beck and call...If she had actually been a half way decent person instead of being a maniacal controlling know it all bitch Matt and I would have never happened...Oh well.. I always say "Everything happens for a reason" ;) He's a MUCH better person and much kinder than she could ever have THOUGHT about being anyway! She never did deserve him from the get go.

Her email to him today is below lololol... This is where the major kick for those that have known Matt and me since 2006 comes in - for my new friends..y'all know the type..the hypocrit who tells everyone how to do everything and think they are ALL that and then some...makes life hell on earth for those around them..never takes their loved ones opinions into account.. etc.. His Ex is the epitome of that kind of witch - She actually enjoys hurting people by the things she says and does..and nothing is EVER her fault..*Rolls Eyes* :

You don't know me anymore.  I liked LA and I like this
part of Texas. McKinney, Plano & Frisco are very
nice. Little Elm has a pretty lake that I am looking
at as I type this.

You don't know me anymore. You don't know how very
much I adore Emily or that she absolutely, adores me!
Or that my hair is again very long & blonde. You
don't know about the great people I have met.
Let's not email unless it is about my deposits or my
ID card. That is all that remains beween us to

I, I, I, I, my, me ...During the 20 years that they were
married it was NEVER about Matt..NEVER about give
and take..NEVER about what Matt thought or would like..
She's a selfish, self absorbed egotistical prudish boring
bitch who didn't care to EVER KNOW MATT...yet SHE has
the F'n NERVE to go on and on and on about how Matt
doesn't know HER anymore??? My response to that...
THANK GOD LOLOL...HE's FREE!!! "Free at Last, Free at Last,
Thank God Almighty I'm Free at Last" and Happiness -
enjoying each other and life without our selfish controlling
ex's ways in every minute of every day in our lives anymore

Her 1st Ex was stationed in Texas...It made her
seeeeeething mad - absolutely livid - that Matt had
gotten tired of her selfish,controlling and germophobic
ways - had decided to divorce her.. and wouldn't let
her go back to trying to control him and his every
thought, mood, movies he watched and couldn't watch
even the restaurants that he could/couldn't go to!!
He missed out on friends retirements from the Navy -
Navy Chiefs - because they were held at Hooters and
God forbid that Matt EVER dare go to such a place that
victimizes all those poor helpless women in there!

Then when she found out that he had moved on and was
actually HAPPY and not being controlled and she lost
all her "power" and INCOME - and that **I** was
the one making Matt happy - that I was/am from
Texas and have Hispanic heritage - she started
calling me "His Mexican Whore" Matt and I made
a joke out of it and I started signing my emails to him
"Your MWFL" your Mexican Whore For Life... LOL..
Never mind that on my page I had detailed how I have
10 different heritages - not just Mexican...she showed
her racist self for who she really is in that statement
alone! She would also make statements about how
much she hated Texas.. the people from Texas were
idiots etc etc etc.. and NOW since she's shacking up
with some McKinney MacDaddy so she still doesn't
have to work ..she thinks people from Texas are great
and the towns are nice

.. She was such an insecure controlling bitch that
during the 17 years Matt had been in the Navy (while
they were together) when the ship would pull into
exotic ports across the world..she would bitch, moan
and whine about how she didn't want him getting off
ship to see the world because she was afraid that
he'd get off the ship and f*ck the first hot foreigner
that he set his eyes on..He missed out on
Cannes France and so many other exotic Ports of Call just
because of her whiney self absorbed jackass self!!
When he'd get home from months out to sea..
the bitch would throw a conniption fit if he even
DARED to glance at a Victoria's Secret commercial
on tv! Oh ..and watching movies? She HATED Halle Berry
because she is sexy and showed her cleavage! AND
Matt was supposed to HATE Hollywood because
of how much Hollywood VICTIMIZES women!!
For cryin out loud - have you seen how well those
women from Hollywood DRESS? What kinds of houses
they live in? Their jewelry? Their cars?!?! Yeaaaaah
they look REAAAAAAAAAAAAL victimized to me
If that is victimization sign me the freak up!

He wouldn't get off ship just to make HER feel better
when HE was the one putting the roof over
her head..giving her the food she ate, the car she drove
and provided for her 2 now grown daughters..SHE
never cared to work AT all for over 20 years! Now
she is trying (extremely unsuccessfully I might add ;) )
to demand 60% of his income, health insurance for
life AND alimony to the tune of $1800 a month
for the REST of her life EVEN if she gets married again!!!
I mean WTF Ever!!

Her intent in sending that email to Matt today was
quite typical..to attempt to hurt him and once again
be all full of herself. Her intent totally backfired because
Matt is just sooo happy to have heard that his
granddaughter is doing very well now after having
been born prematurely in 2006. He has this big
grin on his face that won't go away after hearing that..
well from that...and from the fact we're going out
tonight to enjoy getting to know other couples
who enjoy life too - playing some darts, having some
good food..good times...and without selfish boring
people making us miserable anymore ...

Yeah... LIFE IS GOOD!!! LIFE IS FUN!!! and that ISN'T
what Cheryl - My Fiance - Matt's Ex - was hoping for LOL... I love
when Karma is a bitch to bitches who didn't think
that they'd ever experience 'what goes around
comes around' ....

My Ex isn't from Texas lol..He couldn't handle the heat
like us natural Texans can... but now that
Matt's Ex is making real Texans endure her

Cheryl..you may *be* in Texas..but you NEVER will
BE a Texan nor a COWGIRL!!! - for many reasons - some of which are
..you can't stand sexy women,good times, country music
and a great social place such as Hooters - and REAL
Texans love ALL those things and much much more..
So, Cheryl, enjoy your stay in Texas..if those "Great
people" you've met REALLY knew how you felt about
Texas you'd know just how great Texans REALLY are
and how much WE LOVE TEXAS & are PROUD TO BE
TEXANS!! Something YOU'LL NEVER comprehend in
that egotistical brain of yours LOL.. Maybe some
of OUR TEXAN GREATNESS will rub off on ya.. NAAAAAH
You're not WORTHY of our TRUE TEXAN SPIRIT ;)

These songs are for Matt's Ex ROFLMAO ...;)





God Blessed Texas Indeed & Waaaaay before YOU got there Cheryl LOL... Those great people you're around must be the "proper" ones who have totally boring lives and are controlling self absorbed bitches just like you - probably out of staters who aren't REALLY Texans.. I KNOW you can't stand SEXY PEOPLE who wear tight fittin jeans and tank tops & sound the remotest bit Country! & that right there would drive your germaphobic prudish boring proper self NUTS..wait..you already ARE NUTS lol!!

By the way - a long time ago you asked what if Craig knew that
*MY* 2 sons and I were living together with Matt... ROFLMAO...Well, Cheryl, Not ONLY did Craig KNOW about
it..but he SUPPORTED it, LIKES MATT and thinks you are
one f'd up in the head Bitch **Grins*** Just thought I'd answer your question from long ago while I'm on such a
roll here ;)

HERITAGE BITCH Matt LOVES my Fiesty Mexican/Apache ways - You should try adding some fiesty to your boring repertoire..maybe it will help you trap your next victim

I was going to keep this private but after the f'n low down cunt style email that she just now sent Matt TELLING him that He did not have ANY concern for his grandchildren - one of whom passed away after birth..and his granddaughter is doing well - I changed my mind and don't give one f'n rats ass if Cheryl, Laura or Jaime happens to see this..or what they think.

It is CHERYL'S fault that she couldn't stop being a self absorbed controlling egotistical frigid prudish bitch who didn't know how to satisfy and keep her man -and then whines like a sissy bitch to her daughters about details of her relationship with Matt - Matt got tired of Cheryl's prudish germophobic controlling boring ways ON HIS OWN!!!!!

I mean really!!!! Do you fucking think that Matt got to be a Bad Ass Navy Chief by not thinking for himself?!?!?! He EARNED being Chief ON HIS OWN - His OWN abilities, HIS OWN talents, HIS OWN dedication - Yeah Cheryl might have been his wife for 20 freakin years but all she did was never make him breakfast, try to control his life and thoughts and where he went at all times even when he was deployed, kept a completely different schedule than him for all of those years, and attempted to take credit for his ENTIRE NAVY CAREER!!

Excuse the Hell ME Ms Frigid Bitch but YOU NEVER stepped ONE FOOT in the Office or in the Sandbox or on the SHIP as an Enlisted Sailor and then as a Distinguished Chief Petty Officer!!!

You completely sucked as a Navy "wife" too so it wasn't like he had any REAL support coming from home! You could barely even wave your fuckin hand at him when he came back after deployment AND you didn't EVEN care to send him his Navy issued raincoat to him in Baghdad when he needed it and had basically dropped a ton of bricks in hints to you that he needed it!

YOU are ONE PATHETIC EXCUSE of a PERSON Cheryl! THANKS FOR SUCKING AT BEING A NAVY WIFE - and NOT IN THE GOOD WAY ;) YOUR LOSS IS MY GAIN FOREVER LOL... HOW'S BEING A PRUDISH CUNT WORKIN FOR YA????? ;) BY the WAY.. I think Matt and I will get married on 2/22 next year ;) Too bad the number 2 wasn't lucky for you after all ;)
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