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50 Year Old · Female · From Chesapeake, VA · Joined on March 21, 2008 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 15th
50 Year Old · Female · From Chesapeake, VA · Joined on March 21, 2008 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 15th


Best images, comment images, layouts and more for your profile on SparkleTags.com

Best images, comment images, layouts and more for your profile on SparkleTags.com

Best images, comment images, layouts and more for your profile on SparkleTags.com

It's fun...

A Lil About Me...

For Starters...
Name:: Kimberly
What Does It Mean:: in the meadows
Nicknames:: Chief's Tigress
Gender:: Female
Are Your Parents Still Together:: My Dad went to Heaven in December 2006..My Dad & Mom were married 41 1/2 yrs ..
Heritage:: Apache,Mexican,Scot-Irish,German,Cajun, Italian & Swiss - whew! lol
Religion:: Christian
Single or Taken:: VERY Blissfully Wonderfully Taken
Is That A Good Thing:: Matt is MINE FOREVER - Yeah that's a GREAT thing lol!!
Perfume:: Red
Beer:: MGD
Non-Alcoholic Drink:: Southern Iced Tea
Quote:: "You are My Everything - I Love You!" - from My Tiger to Me - His Tigress 4 Life ;)
Feature of the Opposite Sex:: Eyes
Sports Team:: New Orleans Saints
Pair of Shoes:: My Diamond Back Rattlesnake Snakeskin Boots
Junk Food:: Fries with just the right amount of salt on them
Gum:: hmmm many different ones..hard to pinpoint a fav
Have You Ever...
Been In Love:: have a few times in past but NOTHING even REMOTELY like the FANTASTIC Abiding Love I have with My Matthew! ;)
Been on a Blind Date:: Nope
Ran Out of Gas:: Almost but never completely
Been Called a Tease:: Yep
Been in a Major Accident:: Yep - Twice
Had Alcohol Poisoning:: Nope - not that stupid to get myself to that point
Been in a Fight:: Yep - when a gal was actually stupid enough to think she could try to make MY man want her more than me LOL..YEAH RIGHT ROFLMAO..that will NEVER happen.. I make Matt HAPPY and he'll tell you that himself ;)
Cheated:: only after my ex had left me all alone with my son - while I was majorly hemhorraging from a miscarriage - and had told me "I don't need this f'n sh*t" ..Took the Military Dr telling him I had actually been pregnant before he believed me..but even then he didn't care..and later told me he didn't think that baby "counted"...
Been Cheated On:: Yep.,. I KNOW my ex did even though he'll deny it to high heaven..when an ENTIRE table of his coworkers (including his former Chief) got ALL quiet during a Christmas party after I had said noone had better even think of putting their paws on him... Yeah my ex cheated lol..
Your Most Unusual Obsession:: Starting to collect boots
Your Most Missed Memory:: Special times with My Dad...
Your Greatest Weakness:: - and Strength - is My Beloved Tiger ;)
Your Biggest Fear:: I absolutely hate spiders! ICK!
Your "Can: Boots ;)
Describe Your Personal Style:: Total Cowgirl & Biker Bitch
Your Best Physical Feature:: Being a Skinny Bitch
Do You Love Yourself:: Yep sure enough do ;)
Who: My Fiance - Matthew - and then Angela in PA
Any Tattoos/Piercings:: Yep - 2 tats and my belly button is pierced - going to get another tat this year
How Do You Want To Die:: Quickly..
Your First Thoughts Waking Up:: Did Matthew and my sons sleep well
What Are Your Pet Peeves:: Bitches who can't get a man of their own so they go after someone elses..Hello..can you shout DESPERATE any louder than that??
Any Vices:: Enjoying a good frozen Marguerita or Daiquiri - and checkin out hot women with My Tiger lol
Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years:: in a wonderful 2 story home - complete with jacuzzi with My TIger - beautifully landscaped - helping our Thad prepare for either military or college - and helping our Joey through high school..and continuing to be as in Love with My Tiger as ever! ;)

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50 Year Old · Female · From Chesapeake, VA · Joined on March 21, 2008 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 15th

How's it goin y'all ;)? I'm Kimberly Beth... and you would be? :)I'm 37, have 36Ds all natural I might add, still have a flat stomach after having had 2 sons, love being a nawty kitty and finally letting go of caring what the fuck certain people think about me which is sooo damn liberating! I'm also for the first time in my life being true to myself.. I love taking care of myself to the point that I still weigh what I did back in high school almost TWENTY years ago now ;) How's that for physical fitness ;)

I'm doing what the REAL me wants to do instead of doing what is "proper","prudish", "correct", etc etc etc.

I still have my core morals and values - there are very much so some definite rights and wrongs..but I've learned to love who I am and not be judgemental of others..The only exception I make to that is that I'll judge the heck outta any woman who is a stupid enough bitch to think that just because my man and I occasionally swing that she can try to steal my man..Try is the operative word and the bitch will fall on her face every time after he tells her just who it is that he loves for life ;) ME **Grins***


My Matthew William and I are loving each other, lovinglife, and are learning to not take life too seriously..work hard play harder ;) He also loves what I do .. He gets turned on by me in a big way and loves letting me turn others on as well..I have a website..if you are brave enough to ask me what it is..and what I do..;) Do you have the cahones to find out? hmmmmmmmmmmmm


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My Heroes - my Fiance, my Dad - R.I.P. 1937 - 2006,my Mom - a much stronger woman and a lady of integrity than I ever gave her credit for - until now, my 2 sons, my angels in Heaven, All Military - past, present and future, my brother & his family, all people who dare to reach for their dreams, all people who look for ways to give back to society and continue to "pay it forward",Helen Keller, Susan B Anthony

Bob Hope - who did so much for our Heroes in Uniform, Lou Gehrig & his family, Audi Murphy, Sgt.Alfred P.York,Captain Glenn Miller

All Survivors and Victims of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Floods...who have overcome the utter devastation Mother Nature has dished out

Steve Irwin and his family - R.I.P. Steve - My almost 7 yr old son learned "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" from Steve on the "Wiggles" many years ago...and the list could go on and on

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Matt & Kim on our Bike
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