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Glitter September 11th

Dear Fox & Friends,

I whole heartedly believe that the building should most definitely be built - no matter how long it takes for the various government agencies to get their act together, coordinate and get this done.

This building & memorial needs to be built to honor the memories of the victims, their families, the valiant NY Staters who came to the rescue, for all Americans who felt this attack just as strongly in their hearts no matter where in the world they were that day - and for all of our brave men and women in the military who have given the ultimate sacrifice as a result of coming to our nations defense after September 11,2001 - and for all of our heroes in the military who continue to serve and protect.

Another major reason this WTC building & memorial *needs* to be built is that countless Americans are so shamefully taking the path of least resistance by conveniently forgetting September 11,2001, what happened that tragic day when our nation was attacked without provocation - and all those thousands of victims were killed.

Our nation - and the world - *NEEDS* a constant reminder of what happened - as well as a symbolic show of the victorious American spirit - that we, as an American people, *will* rise again like the mighty Phoenix. Our enemies might attack us as a people but they will never be able to keep us down.

To not do anything - and leave the gaping hole there - is not the right course of action at all. Over many decades that hole will be covered with growth or overshadowed by various new buildings, etc. If left as only a hole..the wrong message will be sent - and that message would be that we as an American people are okay with forgetting one of *the* worst attacks on our fellow countrymen in our nations history.

America needs to stay the course once again - the WTC Building & Memorial needs to be built.

Kimberly Beth R

Glitter September 11th Glitter September 11th
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