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Sitting here in the most beautiful place Surrounded by warmth and light Being in love is a grand thing Your love brings the sunshine to my world Even on a cloudy day But without warning Without any just cause I see a shadow The darkness I have fought for so many months It crowds me Knocks on my soul Calling my name As if I am something it owns I draw on your love to push it back where it belongs For now, I know I am holding it at bay However, I fear that one thing I seem to have no control over I refuse to give in to what lies there in the dark The suffocating and squeezing that I feel in that abyss Taking my breath away and pushing me to a place A place of fear and unknown I will not go back there Do I have what it takes to hold it back, To push it back where it belongs For now, I fight what I cannot touch I fight to hold on to all the light that warms my life No room for the shadows Nevertheless, weakness is here and I fear what I may not have the strength to fight H*E*L*P! Four letters I want to shout Muted sounds are never heard Touch me, hold me, rescue me… The things I ask of myself… Searching for strength within Alone and struggling Sitting here in a room of light of warmth, I am chilled to the bone!!
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