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Lissa's blog: "Blank Page"

created on 06/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/blank-page/b224823
When you are faced with a blank page what is that your inner desire draws you to do? Does the blankness call to you? Do you see charcoal to paper or do the colors of the rainbow speak out their names? How does the stark plainess beg to you to bring it to life? If the blank page before you was yours to do with as you will would you embrace that moment or shy away. Embeded within us is a need, does that need inside of you speak out and beg to be set free? Would you set that need free on a blank page? I find that in this world of no guarantees it is that blank page that sets me free. From 8 to 5 Monday through Friday I am confined to a small room sitting at a plain desk in an uncomforatable chair. At night I become mom and student. This leaves little time for me so the blank page is my zone to be free, to be me. Pen to paper, ink to bleed, colors to brighten a moment in time, these are things that a blank page mean to me. Sometimes the colors and words are set in darkness but still they are set free, no longer trapped and crying inside. Sometimes the colors are bright and beg to be seen, they come in the forms of craziness or love, lust and passion, silliness or childhood memories. A blank page is all we need. So the next time you see a blank page what would you do? Pick up pen or pencil, colors or paints, bring the blankness to life. Do you dare, would you share? Words and colors are what bring the nothingness to life. Just thoughts from me. I am who I am, nothing more, nothing less. Take it or leave it, embrace it or push it away. Expect the expectable, but most of all love you then others can't help but love you too. Nothingness of words, scatterings of thoughts from the mind of one messed up person. Write on ~ Color away ~ live as though tomorrow may never be!
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