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Standing at the brink Looking out across the vast emptiness Fighting and struggling with all my might Pulling back from the jerks being forced upon me Reaching out for the one I need more and more Finding nothing, my hands left empty The bitter cold overwhelms me Skin naked and exposed to the pain Thoughts and fears consume me Past inflictions invade my thoughts Feeling out of control Lost in the pain and loneliness One swift jerk pulls me to my toes Consumed now by the darkness Screaming at the top of my lungs Looking down the mouth of misery I fear my own fate Alone is not for me How do I stop this Where can I go Please won’t someone stop this The tears flow like a waterfall My pain eats me from the inside out One more pull and my footing is lost Free falling Face first Into the abyss that lies before me My cries are muffled and lost in the dark
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13 years ago
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