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Lissa's blog: "Falling Star"

created on 06/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/falling-star/b224842
falling star I made a wish upon a falling star. My wish was to find a love so true. One day passed and then another til the day we said hello. Time passed and friendship grew til the moment came that I knew. You are the wish I made, now come true. From then on words have meaning. Life is bright and love is now ours. I gave to you the one thing I swore to protect knowing that you would protect it too. We share our life, we share a home, looking forward to all the things we dream and share. So when I see a star I remember the wish I made that has come true because I see it everyday in you! I love you each and every moment we spend together and look forward to watching us grow.
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12 years ago
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