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Domestic Violence Must Stop  candles doves flowers for purple violence white
imikimi - Customize Your World This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please read and repost as many times. Some women are scared to make a stand, in fear of what may or may not happen. Some of our women needs to hear a true story. A story that has changed the path of how she looks at life now. She has always gave her all into what ever she did. But after she was rape by a family member, she felt that she couldn't go to anyone. She carried that with her for many years. She then found someone that she thought that she would spend the rest of her life with. Years went by, then she had his child. After their child was born, he Begin to change. She being the person that she was. She tried so hard to make her relationship work. She tried so hard not to make him mad. She changed who she was to make him happy. She gave up all of her friends and walked away from her family. Five months has passed after giving birth to his child. She came home from work got their child went home and cooked dinner. Put their child to bed. Around this time he came home and their child was a little fussy. She thought that he would take care of the child while she finish up dinner. But he came in by her and told her to do something with that child. She turned down the pot. However, before she could turn around good he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the bedroom. She was in shock that he did this to her. She started to pick up the child when he through the child back onto the bed. He then be gain to beat the woman. He then tied her up and rape her. The child was crying still he then turn t’was their child. He said to the woman the child is wet and she needs to be changed. he then laugh and said you want to change her. He laugh and said that's right you can't, Don't worry I'll do it. He begin to Chang the child then he look at the woman and said this child not mine. the woman said she is your child. He said she is to dark to be his child as he begin to touch the child. She beg and pleaded with him to stop. But he took it a step forward. He be gain to beat the child the woman couldn't do nothing but cry and beg him to stop. "She was tied up still". He be gain to rape the woman again. She cried begging him to stop. he was laughing while he was doing this to her. He then got off the woman and picked up their child. He looked at the woman and said she's not my child. He be gain to laugh more as he started touching the child. The woman scream please don't do this to her. Do whatever you want to me but please don't hurt her. He got a thrill off of the woman's cries. He told her don't worry, I’m not done with you yet. I plane on doing whatever I want, to the both of you. She begged, cried , and pleaded As he begin to penetrate the child he said she's not my child but she will be my little bit*. The woman screamed as he forced all of himself into the child. The child gave out a cry that No mother wants to hear. The woman went into shock, as the guy was laughing as he was doing this to the child. the child passed out from all the pain. He then laugh and said I'm going to give her all of my seed... He then beats the woman then he repeatedly rapes her. He then untied the woman and told her to go clean her and the child up. The woman got up went to the bath room start up the water to clean up her and her child. She holds her child tightly and cry. She then open the bathroom door and seen that her so called lover was sleep she through cloths on her and the child and ran out the house. In the middle of the next block she saw two police cars she ran to them shacking’ she cried out help me please. He rape and beat us. Please help. The man is doing life in jail. He will never see the light of day. The woman and her child went on with their life. That was the first and only time that he did this to her. She made a choice to save not only her but her child as well… No one has to stay with a man that hurts them. So I say to you. You only have one time to live and die, What will you choose? You maybe asking yourself how do I know so much about that woman. For that woman was me!!! For all the women that has ever been through something like this. It’s better to walk away… You will still have your life. Go to the police don’t stay with the person that is doing this to you. This is my plea to you. Get out while you still have a chance for the next time may not come. For I'm happy that I've got out while I could. Please just leave. Domestic Violence Must Stop  candles doves flowers for purple violence white
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