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PiNkLaDy xJBFKx's blog: "Auctions"

created on 08/21/2008  |  http://fubar.com/auctions/b240270

You no you wanna own me !!!! I'm in my first auction please bid on me! What i'm offering. ****************** Owned for a month. 300 11's a week during HH for a month Pimpout on my profile page for a month Top friends for a month. Shitfaced everyday for a month during HH Coustom made fubar tag. Added to my name for a month. Pimpout in a bully once a week for a month. Permanent blog pimpout for a month. All stash rated during HH in the month. Daily profile comment for a month. SO COME ON BID ON ME (YOU KNOW YOU WANNA HEHEHE)
(repost of original by 'Tracy_shadow leveler owner of summer uk and co owner of pinkladys lapdance club' on '2008-08-21 17:04:28')
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