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PiNkLaDy xJBFKx's blog: "Cheaters"

created on 10/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/cheaters/b253083


You have made your choice loud and clear Nothing left for me to say, my dear You have taken my house and my cash Turned our love into ash But the thought that still keeps my head held high Is the thought of you, when you die


I'm not deaf and I'm not blind And when you're not around, it's amazing what I find I was just a little bored, while you were out on the town And you will never believe, what I found You should know what I'm talking about, you had it buried deep Just how many other secrets do you keep?


Shallow thoughts leave hollow memories I can't believe the things you've done to me Have you no soul, have you no shame From what of your doings, did you have to gain? You ripped me to shreds, then tore me apart Then lied to my face, with your cold black heart


If you fancy yourself truly so wise Then these words should come as no surprise I am ending the nightmare of our constant conflict I am sick of your lies, you arrogant son of a bitch You can tell me that I'm stupid and that I'm a whore But your sorry ass, will be the one out the door


When things happen to us that we can't seem to forget Like relentlessly putting up with someone else's bullshit You walk all over me like I'm not even here Throw my love for you in my face, without a care I could play the victim, but I have to take part of the blame For letting you shit all over me, over and over again I know you think I'm weak; I couldn't blame you if you do But believe me when I say, I can live with or without you


Cheaters never prosper you know they always say you reep what you sow you broke my heart and made me cry s*** like this, I wish you would die see I am too good to wish such a thing cause in the great book, they say its a sin I gave you my love, what thats not enough its all that I have along with my trust I treated you good with lots of respect if thats not good, then tell me whats best see all I have to let you know if your gonna cheat, just let me go because I am too good to be hurt by you I know your love for me is not true now is that a theory or just a fact cause what goes around just comes right BACK!


Cheaters cheaters are liars cheaters are thieves they are here to use they are here to decieve cheaters play games cheaters are lame they are abusers i can tell you some names cheaters have no concious cheaters dont care they are selfish they arent fair cheaters destroy people cheaters ruin lives for a moment of pleasure they need to survive cheaters are losers cheaters are greedy they are attention wh*res they pretend they arent needy cheaters get caught cheaters accept no blame its someone elses fault they are all the same cheaters deny cheaters cry i hate cheaters they should all f*cking die you know who you are!
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