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KINKYCOMMENTS.COM Paul & I have decided that on 31st October 2008 we will both be leaving fubar. We have met some wonderful friends on here & hope to we can both keep in touch with us. If any of you do want to keep in touch please pm me & we will give you our email addy. As most of you know already that I have had a few problems with a couple of women from this site. Yesterday (26th October 2008) was the final straw for me, when I got a phone call at home from one of the women threatening to have my head smashed in & that I better watch my back as it could happen anytime. CHECK OUT KINKYCOMMENTS.COM FOR THE HOTTEST PICS!
KINKYCOMMENTS.COM Paul & I met on this site, we became real life partners and we are now setting up home together. Sometimes you cant help falling in love & I fell in Love with Paul the first time I saw him. When you love each other as much as we do then you have to do what is right for both of you, and we both feel that the time has come for us to leave fubar. CHECK OUT KINKYCOMMENTS.COM FOR THE HOTTEST PICS!
KINKYCOMMENTS.COM LOVE IS  animated butterflies candles gold hearts kisses lipstick roses xoxox
imikimi - Customize Your World So Goodbye for now our friends luv & hugz Di aka PiNkLaDy & Paul xx xx
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