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created on 06/02/2010  |

Do you chance the agony of rejection or scorn
in hopes of the ecstasy from acceptance born?
Will you risk the heartbreak of love gone bad,
to find a love so true, like few have ever had?
You are caught within their mesmerizing glance,
do you bet it all on love and take the chance?
Will the fear of making such a huge mistake
persuade you to keep loneliness and it's ache?
There is less pain in being alone it is true,
but is that the thing that really want to do?
The ache of loneliness is constantly there,
the sadness that leads the heart to despair;
at least in trying to love there is the chance
you will have a forever of love and romance.
In the end the choice is up to none but you,
the time is here, so what do you decide to do?


I wish I could go back to what I use to not know,
Have the trust in love I had so many years ago,
But heartache is my prison and I am safe within,
Never more to make such a drastic mistake again.
I may indeed be able to change it, only time will tell,
I seriously doubt it, for I was taught the lesson well.

A Brand New Start
by Jill Lemming

 God sometimes brings us to a place
where answers can't be found...
Where we cannot see tomorrow,
for confusion all around.

 Yet deep inside we realize
that all things work for good...
Even times when we've been wounded
and we feel misunderstood.

 Don't dwell on the injustice
and stay focused on God's heart...
Find forgiveness and go on,
you can make a brand new start.

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