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dogs tsila's blog: "Mine"

created on 06/03/2010  |  http://fubar.com/mine/b333124

 I want a lover, a best friend

 Someone beside me until the end

 Is this you ?


 I want a hand to always hold

 Arms to warm me from the cold

 Is this you ?


 I want an ear to hear my cries

 To wipe the tears from my eyes

 Is this you ?


 I want a heart that is true

 No matter what we may go through

 Is this you ?


 I want laughter and a smile

 One who will go that extra mile

 Is this you ?


 I want a love that's forever more

 Till I'm taken to that distant shore

 Is this you ?

Dream with me, of future days

Seeing the changes of our ways

Walk with me, hold my hand

Feet feeling the oceans sand

Talk with me, laugh and smile

That's what makes it all worthwhile

It's difficult to choose
And so hard to know
The things that will happen
Which way your life will go.

Yesterday has passed
What did we learn
Sweetness or sorrow
Or which way to turn.

Today is brand new
It should be a treasure
With laughter and joy
From all lifes pleasures.

Don't plan on tomorrow
For it may never arrive
Be loving and kind today
Just be thankful and thrive.

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