11-23-09 Blog by dogs tsila
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dogs tsila's blog: "11-23-09"

created on 11/22/2009  |  http://fubar.com/11-23-09/b325159

Comfort and console
We all do seek
Not to distort
Be submissive or meek.

Looking out
Through a haze
Getting lost
Like in a maze.

Once, then twice
Emotions did feel
But just illusions
Proven not real.

Blackened shadows
Piercing dart
Lusting toward
Brand new start.

Tormented soul
Shattered heart
Hiding within
A colorful art.

I can remember
From so long ago
All the sweet memories
Of how things were stowed.

I can remember
How I thought life should flow
The sheer innocence as a child
Oh, the things then I didn't know.

I can remember
Through the years as I've aged
Things aren't always as they look
It's like a part, being played on stage.

I can remember
A yesterday I so loved
When all seemed so perfect
Like a hand in a glove.

I can remember
The day my world fell apart
But, knowing life will go on
Today I'm making a new start.


Hearing the many birds
Happily singing their songs
Sharing sweet melodies
Even with all lifes wrongs.

Seeing the frost, glisten in the sun
As it rises to a new day
Bringing forth such wonder
While we each go our own way.

So no matter the path you choose
Put on a happy face
Spreading cheer to all you see
And leave love you can retrace.

Seems no matter
How hard I try
I have no one who loves me
And for this I cry.
Wondering through
Questioning why
Searching for something
Other than lies.
So I keep walking
Only myself can I rely
Dreaming a dream
Will I wake when I die ??


Feel the song

Like threads of lace

Day by day

With a steady pace

Power of time

Shadows the face

Unwinding gently

Never to retrace

When at night, I close my eyes
I have you on my mind
Through all the fun and games
There's something I seek to find.

Signs I am searching for
From expressions on your face
To words that are spoken
Expecting more than a trace.

With this new discovery
When crossing over the line
As sleep comes upon me
The dreams alone are mine.

Just Because

Your words of compassion
Shows that you care
A rose "just because"
With many you share.

Your stories have meaning
With laughter and tears
Telling parts of your life
Doing what others fear.

So to you I applaud
As I have from the start
For being Perfectly Imperfect
And sharing your heart.

Scattered leaves
That have fallen free
Signifies change
For you and for me
With a wind so strong
Swaying the tree
Will you try to stop it
Or let come what will be
Stirring within
Blowing closer to see
Look deep in your heart
There, you'll find the key
Key to open the pleasures
That comes with glee
Only then can you feel
Like a leaf blowing free

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