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ParadoxiMoxie's blog: "what the ass"

created on 01/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/what-the-ass/b45927
stupid. bitch. yes. thats what im going to refer to her as from now on. why? cuz i can. and cuz she is. she knocks on my door. before i have a chance to answer it... she walks in...and just looks at me n then shuts the door to talk to the messican guys who i cant understand cuz this is america n i dun hafta speak messican if i dun wanna. then she comes in n asks me what happened...so i tell her the toilet over-flowed n sewage went all over the place n i had to vacate the premises for 4 days. she shrugs at me. this just pisses me off. so i point out the exposed nails my youngest thinks its cool to step on...(good thing she's got a peeds appt on friday for a tetanus shot eh?) she tells me my kid doesnt step on them. i correct her. she says wheres the mark then? i say the health dept would have a FIELD DAY an absolute FIELD DAY... she says yes they would with the way you keep this apt. i tell her 'you can leave now' she stands there looking at me. asks me another question. i tell her she can take it up with my father. she asks why. i say because i said so and you can leave now. she asks if im going to let the messicans fix the floor. i say as long as you leave. she says im going. and leaves. fucking bitch. now im packing. 11 boxes done in 2 hours with smoke breaks and phone calls included. i need a nap. and to throw something. tadum.
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