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Boobalicious Paper Doll's blog: "2011"

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2:02am ... just sharing something I posted as a 'note' on FB.



OMGosh I have never been as scared as I was just about an hour ago.  So I am taking my usual exit to go home and stuff.  I literally stopped about 4-5 seconds at the stop sign off the exit.  I took the turn, and bam, them CHP who turned the other corner just before I did, busted a bitch and put the lights on me.


Let me give you a re-cap of the night so to speak.  I went to Marcos's house (Pris's boyfriend) for the shindig for his dad.  It was cool.  There was mariachi and music and stuff.  You know a cozy little family type gathering, which btw thanks for the invite you guys.  I had fun!  So I'm not going to go into what I drank right?  Anywho, I ate food.  Mole, rice, a little bit of the beans, cake, and ice cream.  I only had lemonade afterwards.  Later on, however, I decided to get some tortilla chips and some nacho cheese, cuz some other guy who had them made it look good, so I craved some.  I don't remember having eating anything else afterwards.  We all left at around close to 10 something and said we'd go to Anarchy.  This was Marcos, David (Marcos' uncle), and Pris.  Of course, she drove her car and I drove mine.  


We got to Anarchy, had a blue moon, and then I was dared and talked into drinking "the blackout", which is a drink Richie makes.  I kinda supposedly drank half, which I didn't because I actually spit the rest of it into my blue moon bottle.  I know ick... well I didn't want to drink it anyway esp. b/c I was driving. 


So we danced and stuff, time passes by, I really don't have a drink until later later one.  Some chicks bought a round, they had an extra one, so I finished the one they bought me.  I kind of baby sat this one.  My friends will tell you, I'm not much of a beer drinker anyway.  (BTW good thing there weren't any shots to take)...


I end up dancing a bit again, then went outside for some air, and then came back in when I ran into a new but old friend.  New in the sense I barely know him but old in the sense I met him less than a couple of months ago.  So we chit-chat for a bit.  I asked Pris to cover for me b/c I didn't want to talk to him very much.  So we all left and stuff!


I think it was about 12:30ish or so I believe when we all left.  So I took my time getting home, especially b/c my phone wasn't charging at all.  By this time, my phone was dead.  As soon as I get off the exit, that is when my not so fun misadventure starts.


I get the lights flashed on me asking to pull over.  I drove into an empty parking lot.  Was told to stay inside the car until I was asked to get out.  I quickly forked over my ID.  They asked if I knew why I was stopped and I said, the STOP sign.  Though I knew I had stopped longer, but they begged to differ.


I was told what was going to happen next.  One of the two officers asked if I had drank, and I said yes.  One of them said he could smell it on me, which I know was not true at all, but whatever.  I walked away from the car and near their patrolling unit.  I was asked a series of questions, where I went, who I was with, am I sick, do I take any meds, drugs, etc.  I answered all their questions.  What happened next is something I was not too proud nor fond of.  Obviously this had turned into a DUI stop instead of a routine stop.  


I was asked if I knew what city I was in, what cross streets we were currently at, what freeway we were next to, the walking test (where you put your foot in front of the other - heel to toe fashion), asked me the same questions they asked previously but posed differently, asked me to follow his finger while they flash my eyes, asked me to stand straight with my hands straight down & lift one foot off the ground 6-7" and count until they told me to stop, and even had me hold my head back and count what I thought was 30 seconds.  I think they wanted to see if I would literally tilt over.  I think the reason they went beyond the eye test was because they felt my eyes kind of staggered.  Think about it, you're on a semi empty freeway, it's dark except for the regular lights, I wasn't speeding, and the street itself is dim.  Why else would my eyes not stagger a bit, especially when I am drained from the long day I had just a few hours before.  Dude, they even asked me to take the breathalyzer.  I took it with good faith.  It was truly the most awful experience I had.  I was told that if I didn't check out, obviously this would go on my record, blah blah blah.  I was asked the same questions about 3 different times altogether.  My license and license plates were ran, and everything checked out fine.  As soon as I took the breathalyzer, I was sent on my merry way home.  


I know this may be routine for them, but not for me.  I was scared out of my wits.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking what I did wrong, how I should've handled it, would anything be different, etc.  I just let HIM take it into his hands.  I felt him there protecting me.  I know it sounds cliche though...  


Thank goodness I wasn't given a ticket for the stop sign...  just a simple warning.  But seriously... that was not fun at all.  I will admit something though, the guy giving me all the DUI test is/was cute, as is his partner.  It was just humiliating all the same because I now know what people go through all the time.  It was cute how the 2nd officer said, "Well, you don't have to worry anymore.  Let's just say if you were graded, you passed with an 'A' and I hope you make it safely back home."  I don't know if he was being sincere or sarcastic, but I am glad I was not given a fine or a ticket or had to call anyone to drive the car back home or any of that stuff.  *knocks on wood & counts her blessings*


Someone is always watching me and making sure I get home safe and sound and in one piece. =) 1:45am

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