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Miss Vanima's blog: "stuff"

created on 03/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b68837
Did reading the Subject make you horny? Nope Are you already thinking about someone? not really How old were you when you lost your virginity? 14 Ever take someones virginity? no.. Ever plan to wait til marriage? nope When did you last have sex? 2 days ago Do you consider yourself dominant? rarely What form of birth control do you use? nothing Do you have any children? nope Ever give or receive the SHOCKER? *snicker* Do you know a SHOCKER slogan? yeah Are you a freak in the sheets? i have a bit of kink in me Do the drapes match the curtains? not so much Do you have sex dreams? yeah LMAO Ever been called a whore or slut? lmao yeah Ever try anal sex? If not, would you? yes Is there anything sexual you wouldnt try? erm.. i might try it.. but there are a few things i am not into Bases: What is 1st base? kissing What is 2nd base? above waist touching What is 3rd base? below waist touching What is 4th base? intercourse Ever have Sex: in a Car? yes in a Truck Bed? yes in a Mini Van? yes on a Bus? no in an Airplane? no in a Public Bathroom? yes in your Parents Bed? yup at School? no at Work? not my work on the Beach? yes in the Ocean? yes Where is the weirdest place? maybe the hammock
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