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The sound of the door opening woke her. Emily felt the bed next to her and found it empty? "Gram?" He must have stayed downstairs at the reception longer than he'd expected to. "Get on your hands and knees." Icy fear slithered down her spine. That wasn't Gram's voice. "What's going on here?" "Do as I said unless you want to be punished." Fear dissipated as she recognized the voice. It was Kell, Gram's friend. The one she'd told Gram she'd love to fuck. When they'd realized he'd also come to New York for another friend's wedding, they'd joked about asking him to join them, but what would Gram say about her fucking him on her own. "You've got less than ten seconds to obey before I start spanking your disobedient ass." The thought of a spanking made her pussy clench, but his commanding tone made her scramble to obey. She pulled her nightgown up to her waist, exposing her nakedness. "Ah, the little slut doesn't wear panties to bed. I could have guessed" Cream dampened the tops of her thighs. Why were his crude words turning her on so much? "You take her mouth. I want to see if her pussy tastes as good as it looks." Emily tensed. But when the another man crawled onto the bed, she recognized his scent. It was Gram. Now she could relax and enjoy this night of surprises. Gram angled his cock toward her eager mouth. "Do you like my gift, sweetie?" She groaned as Kell's tongue swiped across her pussy. "I love it." Her tongue tortured the tip of Gram's shaft before she sucked him deep. She cupped his balls with one hand, relishing their weight in her hands. She pushed a finger from her other hand into his ass and held still as he began to fuck her mouth. She opened and let him thrust deep. Kell drew her clit into his mouth, sucking so hard it hurt, but the pain only heightened her pleasure. She pushed her hips back against him, wanting more, but he pulled away. Then he flicked his tongue back and forth across her clit, faster and faster, teasing her mercilessly. She struggled. Gram fisted his hands in her hair, forcing her to hold her head still and take what he wanted to give her. Kell dug his fingers into her thighs, pulling them wider, opening her to him and preventing her from getting any of the contact she needed. She was completely at their mercy. Kell continued his assault on her pussy, using his tongue and teeth to bring her to the brink of orgasm but refusing to let her go over. She couldn't even protest her torment with her mouth full of Gram's cock. Finally when Kell had brought her to the brink for the third time, he sat back. She prayed he was getting ready to ram his cock inside her, but he pulled her back towards him. Gram's cock slipped from her mouth. "I want you on top of him. I'm going to take your ass and I want to feel his cock brushing mine from inside your pussy." Gram gasped and turned over on his back. Emily could well imagine the thrill running through him. They had hoped Kell was bisexual but had never broached the subject with him. Her heart beat frantically and desire raced through her body as she imagined all the fun the three of them could have together. Emily straddled Gram, sliding her slick pussy down on his cock. She moaned as he filled her. She shifted, forcing him to rub against her g-spot The intensity of fullness and pleasure made her shudder. Gram must have told Kell where to find the lube he'd packed, because she heard the unmistakable sound of Kell greasing his cock. The thought of him filling her while Gram fucked her pussy was so hot it nearly made her come. Then Kell grabbed her hips, forcing her to still. "You're not going anywhere until I'm inside you." She sucked in her breath. God, she loved how dominant Kell was. He was just what she'd been craving. She leaned forward and kissed Gram as Kell pushed a finger in her ass, readying her for his cock. "Thank you," she whispered. He smiled against her lips. Then she froze. Kell's cock was poised to take her ass, and he felt as big as he looked in the tight jeans he liked to wear. She pushed out as he surged forward. He was thicker than Gram, who wasn't small by any standards, and her ass burned, but she didn't want him to stop. She wanted all of Kell buried inside her. She wanted nothing more than to feel both men buried in her, stuffing her to the limit. She squirmed against Gram, suddenly too anxious to wait, desperate for friction. "Relax." Kell placed his hand on her lower back. She'd tensed against his invasion without realizing it. She opened and he drove in the rest of the way. She gasped when his balls slapped against her. He pulled back and then thrust, pushing her down on Gram. The sensation was so good, she thought she might die from it. "Do you like that?" Kell asked, his voice low and rough. She nodded vigorously, unable to speak. "God, your ass is tight" He pulled back and drove in again. "This is perfect. I feel like I'm fucking you both." She groaned and found her voice. "I'd love to watch you fucking Gram. The thought of your thick cock driving into his ass. You'd be so beautiful together." Gram made a choked sound, and dug his fingers into her hips, forcing her down onto his cock. She knew he was on the verge of a massive orgasm. Kell chuckled. "Sounds like Gram would like that too. We'll just have to fulfill your fantasy." Kell pushed deep into her ass, shoving her forward. The shock of fullness, and the pressure on her clit sent her over the edge. Her orgasm seized her. Her eyes went wide, and her mouth hung open as her body clenched both men's cocks. Gram came first, shouting something unintelligible and thrusting into her in short, fast strokes. Kell lasted a few seconds longer, but the tight grip of her ass was more than he could resist. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed himself as deep as he could get before she felt the hot rush of come in her ass. She collapsed against Gram, unable to move. Before he pulled out of her, Kell leaned forward, and fisted his hand in Gram's hair, pulling Gram's lips to his. Emily opened her eyes to watch them kiss. Desire spiked in her, and she shifted her hips. "You're next," Kell whispered to Gram. "I was counting on it." Emily smiled and let her eyes flutter closed. She wondered if she'd just found heaven.
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