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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Le-An sniffed the air. True to his word, Brother Andrew had it cleaned just the way Brolly demanded all the rooms of the sick be treated. The shutters were opened to the night air, and the room smelled of herbs. Le-An shut the door and found himself pinned against it. Brolly's breath teased Le-An's ear. "At last." Brolly sighed. "Now I may express my joy properly at seeing your face." Le-An, his cheek pressed to the wood, snickered. "How can you see my face at all when you've plastered me against this door?" Teasing was the only defense he had against the thundering joy in his heart. Brolly released him and turned him around, his face sober. "I've missed you." Le-An stared into those golden brown eyes. "You have, my fine wolf? Then why did you run, and make me chase you down? Usually it is I who runs!" "I'll explain later, in detail. I have more interesting ideas on what to do with these two hours allotted to us." The caress against his trews left Le-An no doubts what Brolly had in mind. Neither did the insistence of the kiss that plundered Le-An's mouth. Kissing a man was a pleasure not to be missed. No worrying about breaking hearts, or the dance of romance. You wanted, you took, if both were agreeable. Le-An was definitely agreeable. Brolly smelled of the herbs he used, and the pleasant aroma of clean sweat. Since his hands were now free to roam, he took advantage. Brolly's muscles were a bit firmer than before; thanks to the hard work in the abbey and the walking he'd done to get here. His curls were longer, without his sisters insisting on regular haircuts when he chose to remain in human form too long and he got shaggy. Le-An tugged on a curl that conveniently wrapped around his fingers and broke the kiss. "I thought you were tired." Mischievously, Brolly tweaked one of Le-An's hardened nipples. "Sleep is for when you're dead. I've better things to do to relax." He brushed the other nipple. "Stay male, please. I owe you a promise, you may remember." Brolly proceeded to undress Le-An in a very efficient manner, starting with his boots. Befuddled by this aggressiveness on Brolly's part, Le-An blurted out more than he should. "I can't change outside of the Valley. I can't do anything. I'm mortal here." Grinning, Brolly looked up from tugging off Le-An's boots. "Really, now? Interesting. I promise to be gentle." The footwear were tossed aside. Not the answer Le-An expected. "How about that promise? I think I'm the one who should be swearing to be gentle, since we have no oils to ease my way." Brolly knelt before him grinning. He brandished a small vial. "I have oil. I've kept it in a pocket, since it is the last I possess. It should be enough." "You think of everything." Le-An took the vial from him. He felt a little exposed, leaning against the door with his pants around his ankles. It was interesting to feel so vulnerable. He was too impatient to care. "Aren't I supposed to be the aggressor?" "We have both switched roles before. Why stop now?" While Le-An chuckled at the pun, Brolly lifted Le-An's tunic and enthusiastically attacked the hard cock he found hidden beneath. As was to be expected, Brolly was an expert. He did not simply fill his mouth and crassly suck while moving his head. He took his time, wrapping his lips around the head and nursed like a suckling cub. Le-An gasped as his vision hazed. "Go gently, Brolly. If you do this as well as I suspect you might, our pleasures will be over much too quickly. Then you would still owe me a chance at your sweet ass." A humming chuckle sent waves of pleasure through Le-An's cock and thence through his whole body. Brolly released him with a small pop. "A price I'll willingly pay, many times. But you're right. I just want to taste you as I've dreamed about since I left." This time, he slowly took Le-An's whole rod in, creating friction with his teeth, and did not release the delightful suction pressure at any time. He couldn't help it. Le-An fisted a hand in Brolly's curls and fought the urge to fuck Brolly's face with enthusiasm until his thighs trembled. Brolly noticed, since one hand rested on one of those thighs while the other caressed Le-An's balls. He released Le-An again. Le-An didn't know whether to sigh in relief or whimper at the loss. Rising and removing his robes with a hot look that held Le-An in an implacable grip, Brolly took the oil out of Le-An's hand and dribbled a generous portion on Le-An's quivering meat. "Ready?" He handed the vial back to Le-An. "No." "No?" Brolly looked slightly put out and disappointed. Le-An grinned and put his hands on Brolly's shoulders, bending him over the nearest bed. The height wasn't perfect, but it would do with a little acrobatics Brolly was easily capable of managing. Dribbling the oil, Le-An enjoyed the small intake of breath Brolly made. He caressed Brolly's ass, and massaged the oil around Brolly's anal opening. It puckered and relaxed, seeming to wink at him. "Now we're both ready." Le-An flung what was left of the vial on the bed next to Brolly, who fidgeted. He poised his cock head at the pink opening, and Brolly pushed back against it with a moan of desire. Le-An gritted his teeth, fighting the urge to ram home, and entered gently past the first tight opening. Brolly shuddered and pushed back more, helping Le-An ease in a little further until he was up against the second set of muscles within. Tight. So tight. He slipped carefully past the second set, and waited again to let Brolly adjust. "I never thought I'd cover a predator," Le-An teased. Moaning, Brolly began to move. Le-An moved with him. The delicious pressure all around had Le-An already close to bursting. Breathing raggedly, Brolly asked, "That sounds like you're not a predator. Or even a carnivore. Another clue. I like this. My enigmatic lover reveals himself by inches. Shall I guess?"
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