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Laying her down on the rug, Scott smiled at her while he sat back on his heels. She ran her hand idly down her chest, a single finger luring his eyes to her breasts and the fur blanket that was hiding them. "There's hunger in your eyes," she said and her finger crept slowly downwards while her voice became seductive. "What are you hungry for?" He swallowed. A part of him said that things were going too fast but the rest of him kept telling it to shut the hell up. He felt an urgent need for her, as though what she'd said earlier was true. This night was going to end too soon, and he couldn't let her walk away, he had to do this in case he never saw her again. He had to have some perfect moment to remember her by because he'd never meet anyone like her again. "I'm not sure," he said and cursed the part of him that had won control long enough to voice those words. She smiled and traced her fingers lower, flattening her palm against her body when she reached her stomach and not stopping until she touched her navel. The fur she was wearing was parted enough for him to see a strip of her torso. When she sat up, the blanket almost fell open. It barely clung to her breasts, keeping her nipples hidden from him and making him want to reach out and gently brush it aside so he could see them. She extended a hand towards him and caught hold of his shirt, pulling him close to her. "What are you doing?" he said when his mouth was a hair's breadth away from hers. "Don't deny yourself…give in to your desire. Listen to your heart," she whispered in a lust-filled voice that sent arousal bolting through him, making him harden in his jeans. How could he deny her? It seemed so impossible. More than that, he didn't want to deny himself. He wanted her. He wanted her in a way he'd never felt before. The feeling was a primal urge, a desire to take what was in front of him and make it his. She called to his animal instincts, making him react to the base urge consuming him. He had to have her. She had to be his. With a growl that was barely human, he pulled her to him and smashed his mouth against hers. She melted instantly in his arms, her body relaxing while his tightened, and her fingers wrapped themselves around his shoulders. God she tasted good. Something about her was driving him wild. He was losing all control and the fact that it scared him a little only added to how aroused he was. She leaned backwards, luring him down onto the rug with her, and his eyes flickered to her body when their mouths broke apart. He groaned when he saw one deep pink nipple had been exposed to him and his attention was immediately with it. Dipping his head, he ran his tongue around it and then flicked it with the tip. Her fingers dug into his hair and she brought her left knee up, making the fur fall away from that side completely and drawing his gaze to it. He ran his fingers over the bandage and delighted in the way she trembled beneath them, her body lifting off the floor a little. Trailing his hand downwards, he followed the sweep of her inner thigh and moved his gaze to meet hers while he slid it underneath the blanket. Blood rushed through his ears, drowning out the sound of the crackling fire and her quiet moan while she bit her lip. He breathed out shakily, his heart beating so fast that he felt dizzy. Swallowing in an attempt to stop his mouth from feeling so dry, he edged his hand further downward and then frowned and closed his eyes when he made contact with the curly hair covering her pussy. She arched into his touch, forcing his fingers to slide between her lips and into the soft, slick core of her. The tattered, fragile threads of control he'd been holding on to snapped. Withdrawing his hand, he knelt and hastily unbuttoned his shirt, growing annoyed when his shaking fingers made it almost impossible to do as swiftly as he wanted. He tugged it off over his head and was about to toss it onto the couch when she sat up and raked her nails down both sides of his abdomen. He threw his head back, his body jerking and tensing with pleasure at the jolt of pain. He groaned and dropped his shirt when he heard the clink of metal and felt her tugging at his belt. He was about to say something but speech became just a hazy memory when she popped the top button of his jeans and pulled at the two sides, forcing the rest of the buttons to pop open. He could only moan when she pushed his jeans down his hips, freeing his erection. Breathing became an issue shortly after that. His eyes rolled back into his head when she took his erection into her mouth. He could barely stop himself from thrusting his hips forwards like he wanted to. Her lips wrapped around him and her tongue swept along his length. The wet softness and warmth of her mouth promised of things to come and he struggled against his desire to throw her down and pound her into the rug. He clenched his fists, his muscles becoming so tight that his arms trembled while she moved her lips down his cock, taking it deep into her, and then sucked hard when she pulled back. His buttocks clenched when her fingers ran around his balls and she cupped them, weighing them gently before rolling them. He looked down at her, his brows furrowing and his heart thundering against his chest while she licked and sucked him. He buried his fingers into her silvery hair, the silkiness of it only adding to the pleasure he was feeling. His hips quivered when his balls tensed and he pulled out of her mouth, not wanting to let go just yet. She looked up at him with dark eyes full of lust and need and he almost pounced on her. Standing up, he removed his jeans, telling himself to take things a little slower. Neoma lay back on the rug, waiting for him to come to her like she knew he would. She'd tasted how excited he was, had felt how close he'd been to coming when she'd been sucking his cock. She wanted it in her mouth again, wanted to let her tongue explore every hard inch of it until he came screaming her name. She wanted this night to never end. She squeezed her thighs together to make the most of the throb in her clit. She moved them back and forth, moaning breathily as she did so. He knelt beside her again and his eyes dropped to her hips. The muscles of his jaw tensed when he saw what she was doing. She breathed in when his fingers grazed her knee and he forced them in between her thighs. She resisted for a moment and then parted them for him. Her hand ran up his leg at the same time as his eased down her inner thigh. Summary: Scott Hudson has a secret but he's not the only one on the mountain with something to hide. The brink of winter is a bad time for hunting, but the hunter's moon attracts them anyway. Scott Hudson curses the drunken huntsmen that disturb his peace and seals himself away in his cabin, waiting for the impending storm to drive them back down the mountain. The snowfall is heavy and he's convinced that nothing could disturb his solitude now. Then a gunshot punctuates the air, echoing around the mountains. And a noise on the porch makes his heart pound. But not as fast as the naked woman he finds lying outside does. Neoma has watched Scott since he first arrived on her mountain years ago but has never dared to speak to him for fear of him discovering what she is. Shot by the hunters, she has no choice but to place herself in his care and hope that she can hold the wolf inside at bay. When she notices his attraction to her, she can't help acting on her own and prays that he won't turn her away because of what she is. Can Scott's secret be the answer to Neoma's prayers? Can a human ever love a werewolf?
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