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iM sO Xcluesive's blog: "Bitches..."

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/bitches/b10564
He thinks he's the shit as he sits you upon his shelf, like a prize to be won, he plays wit himself. Tounges tide, twisted revenge, all the while he's fu*kn yo friends. So honest you think, that he's tru to u, neva really cumin unglued. You sit by yo self, wondern now, how the hell did this all go down. I thought he loved me, you scream out loud, god damn I feel like Ima drownd. Too Much emotion yo eyes can't see, that this whole while you was bein deceived. Go head pretty mama, fall off that shelf, pick yo self up and dust yo self. Don't worry bout them, and how they feel, cuz obviously this sh*t wuzn't real. Who's the joke, not you sweet thang, don't let them keep you in a bag. Bust yo self out and do yo thang, cuz lil lady, its yo time to swang.
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