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iM sO Xcluesive's blog: "~~LUV~~"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/luv/b10566
Love is blind in many ways, you always cry for it to stay, You try and try, but it just walks away, it leaves you begging for another day. Love is blind in all our eyes, You live it once and then you die. It seems to me that the pain jus don't stop, no matter how hard you flop. Not only do you hurt from rejection, all af a sudden you hurt from reflection. A sight that you can no longer bear, this shit just seems so unfair. You love someone, and push so hard, only to get left a scar. You want them, but they not you. And no one seems to see the abuse. Love is blind, this I know, I've been down that road many times before. I fell in love, he broke my heart, this time I swore I would watch from a far. I was blind and love caught me again, it took my heart and called me friend. I gave so much, and try'd so hard only to be left another scar. I fell so fast, believed his words, only to realize it was one big blurr. None of it true, all an illusion. They know what to say to keep you from hurtn. they say what they need to, just to keep you at bay, only to use your services for another day. So Yeah Love is blind, And theres no changing it...That is why my love....Died with it,
I said it before an Ima say it again, Love in the heart, Never Wins. You wear your heart out on your sleve, simply to be deceived. You think you want them, then you don't, and all the while you feelin choaked. You speak these words, tru or untru, and there is nothing you can do. You beg and plead, even bleed, and still your love is never really seen. Ima tell you now, and never again, Do what you feel within. Quit playn games, don't feel ashamed, if you want her or him back, then do what you say. Your wrong sometimes in what you do, simply cuz you feel misused, you both do wrong, play with others hearts. You two were perfect from the start. You need to go be by yourselves and take us off the fuckn shelves. These things you do both so untru, puttn us through these games of missuse. You use us to harm one another, get some sick joy and pleasure. Love is blind, sick and twisted, It looks like ya all really miss it.
I fell in luv, then fell back out, now you tell me wa the hell thats all about. You give yo heart n take away, jus to keep that boy at bay. You wan a man then yet you don't all the while you feeling choked. Decisions, Decisions what do you do. Do you sit at home feelin blue. Hell Nah mama do yo thang, thats the little voice in the back of yo head. Don't waste yo time on some silly joke. Get the hell back at it and take the smoke. Play that game as best as you can, cuz yo time aint worth no dirty man. You betta then this, then all the rest, don't let that shit sit upon yo chest. Take yo self and dust the fu*k off. Its time for you to break sumthin off. The game is real and thats no joke, If you don't want in it then take a walk.
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14 years ago
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