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iM sO Xcluesive's blog: "Bitches..."

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/bitches/b10564
You know those boys that think they got it, yet they'll be the one kissin some otha nig*as Di*k. Ya c, men out here, aint real wit it, too dam blind can't see past a bitch, Most get done dirty, n they think they slick, ba they fake az hell wit there sly ass sh*t, too dirty in luv wit sum otha mans mami. They try to floss but got no game, I jus sit back an think dam thats a shame. I can't say nuttn cuz females run the same flow, ba at least we can flip it, we come out slow. A female is real, she lets yo ass know, if she don't want you, Yo ass will be told....Cuz we aint stupid, we know all the same sh*t...The only difference boo is......We too dam good wit it....I don't blame a brotha fo wantn to try, see how far up he can make that bi*ch fly....There aint no shame in runnin game, ba if yo as* is wack....Boy, Jus put out yo FLAME!
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