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iM sO Xcluesive's blog: "Pain"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/pain/b10567


We give our heart, then they take theres away. I dont understand the games that are played. Why do they sit you up on there shelf. Leave you there while they go out by them self. You collect dust, waiting around.. Your heart and soul becomes bound. No longer do words come from your mouth, a doll that has broken, tattered and used. You sit there only to amuse. Abused, confused, and misunderstood, why in the world do you do this to yourself. So beautiful to others, so fragile and free you could be. Yet your falling like a leaf. So many options, yet your eyes stay closed, and that poison jus goes right through your soul. A door has closed, but another always opens... dont be afraid sweet angel, your day will come.. N like all others you will find the one....


I sit here thinking to myself, How come I have to play this hand I was delt. Why can I not change my stars. Why do I get thrown to a far. I give my all, heart and soul, only to be struck by a wooden poll. Hit again, and down I go. Simple blow after blow. I tell you now, I give up on love, I only need love from above. I relaize its not my fault, that god gave me a caring heart. So I say to you, Now in truth, that I simply forgive you. U hurt me and did me wrong, but for some reason I feel so strong. The harm that you did, made me clear, showed me the light at the end of the pier. There are those people in life that just don't see past the knife. They hold on and they prey, only to wast another day. That day is over, No more will I waist on people that are two faced. Ima spread my wings and take that fight, Now with a better sight. I see so clear of what I want. I will not sit here feeling choaked. I wish them luck in all they do, Lets just know that I am through.
Tounges twisted, ravaged slaughtered like pigs. Torn into two universes. Blindly she shuffles through the night, trying to find some source of light, through the darkness she sees a blue flame, she reaches out to it, but it fades away. Scared, alone she searches frantically for that lite to bring her back into sight. She hears a horrible scream, not just any scream, Sharp, high pitched, blood gurgglen scream. Its coming towards her, she begins to run frightend of whats to come. Tears streaming down her face as her heart begins to race. Her innocence she still has, not for long says the man. She hears him now, feels his breath apon her neck. There it is, that blue flame, she sees it know, no time to waste, she runs towards the light arms stretched out into the dark night. screaming with all of her might. She's so close she can feel the warmth, he's behind her but not so close, Almost there just a little further, then a shove, she falls, so close it burns. He's got her, she screams but no one hears as he drags her back into the pitch black night, where she will never again see the light.
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