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Mandie's blog: "Its All True"

created on 05/21/2007  |
Its all true with the base of life that the truth be in things that u belive in with all your heart, If you stand strong and you do all that you can anything can happen. As in Love i never knew that id have a love in my life as i do now and id never change that for the world for he is the world to me ( besides my kids )He is the one that makes my world go around and that makes me smile with every thought that crosses my mind for he means so much to me as i mean to him. We guide each other with deepest moments with passion, love, careing, understanding, trueth in everything that we stand for for each other....We all have our ups and downs but when it shows and comes to the point we know that we care and will always be there for each other..... I dont know how much more to express that i can stand for all the i want and all that need to make it be shown that im not going no were that im a strong minded woman and i will make it through it all with the love of my life at my side stand there with me helping me guideing me and telling me that its all ok we will make it. If all we have in the world is our love for each other then we have no need for anything else. I want to thank everyone that stands there with me with some things that have been going on.... It means alot and if i forget to tell you thank u im telling u know THANK YOU for all u have done. Im closeing now please rate and comment and always remember that no matter what someone is there at ur side all u have to do is open ur eyes and u can see... I found mine and i couldnt be more happier ~*Mandie*~ His love only burns for me as my love only burns for him
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