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Mandie's blog: " Hate"

created on 08/14/2007  |  http://fubar.com/hate/b115759


Hate can mean so many things and become so strong in so many ways but when it all comes to a par and you sit and think about it all, it has a strong true meaning of understanding. I have said in an other blog that i dont hate people becuase thats how my mother and father (rest his soul) have raised me. But after many years i sat down and i talked with my mom today and with all i have gone through in just the past four months. A true meaning to her and i came to understand that it all can happen to hate people and things in this place we call earth.....I Hate who alot of people are and i hate how people think that i can understand and fend for myself. Well there is a small news flash for alot of people i can fend for myself i just dont tend to need to do any of this because i have some friends that care and love me for who i amd and those are the ones that i dont and wont ever hate....No the ones that have picked to walk all over me and think that they are way much better than me.. Well i have a news flash for you all I FUCKING HATE YOU. Get off your damm high horse and come back to the world and see who you really are. Your the same as me and everyone else, we die the same we bleed the same, we all may not be the same damm color but who gives a rats ass.....As long as we are doing what we need to do to make things work in the world then oh well. Dont walk on my damm toes because i will just come back at you with full force and show you that i wont let you or anyone sit me down. I hate who some people have become and i never in my life thought any of it would ever happen but then i guess some people arent who they say they are anymore in this world. Alot of fake ass people is all i can say. I came to the net world a few years back and became friends with alot of people in a fast time period, and then when i sat and thought about it all with my mom about the whole hate thing i seen that some of the people that claim to be friends with me arent friends and arent nothing to me but someone to use and abuse and useing and abuseing me well, i hate you for that and i hate woh you are, i hate that your even in this world with me because u are breatheing my air and walking around here. I can say im glad i have the close friends that i have and im glad they are always there when i need them. no matter what or were they are or were ever i am we are always there for each other. So what that all my friends are there and they protect me, thats just there way of showing that they care for me and in a heart beat i do it for them also because thats the true meaning of being a friend. weather understand helpless or not we all have our understanding and moments get over it and always remember that if u understand one another u can always make it through in life. SO here is my news, I will hate what i want when i want and do what ever the FUCK i want and if u dont like that then oh fucking well i didnt ask you to understand were i am comeing from no ways. Oh and if i tell you fuck you with a smile im at least being nice about it (right Kelly) and if i dont sile when i tell you fuck you then bitch or asshole move the hell out of my way because im not playing fair with you more. Now that all is understood and read. I only hate a few things and hate a few people in this world and if u dont understand my meanin of things well then i guess you truely never understood who i really and and what im really made of....Im closeing this lovely blog now and in hope that alot of people see the meaning that i care for alot of you and then there are some i just down right FUCKING HATE UR ASSES :D thank u kel and thank u jay for.......well being there and showing me that i can be the bitch i need to be when i want to be. :P ~*Mandie*~
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