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Ones Peice Of Mind Is something that im takein back and none human man or woman will take from me ever again... I have sat here for days and days on end and got so agervated about the little tinny bullshit that i have had going on that i have snaped at the tinny bullshit. Take whatever u want anymore but u wont take me down with you. I will admit im a fun, loveing, careing, person more than most people out there in the world. Its a gift given to me from my dad. I thank him every day for it (rest his kind soul)...If you cant stand the fact of who i am then im sorry for u but i dont need the bitching and snaping in my life. I dont need people in my life that try to bring me down or bring my fiends down because we are better than that, Oh and a new flash IM A PROTECTOR. I protect all my friends close and near from harm and always there for all of them. If i cant do it then i have friends that are there in my coner to help me through it all, and wont let me down no matter what the cause or the story is because that what friends are there for. Some things have came into my life and some things have left my life with alot of questions but i now know no matter what, its going to ok because i am who i am. I will push through and make what ever possiable possiable....Oh and If you think this block is about you or anyone that u may know well dont jump the damm gun come to me and ask me and i will tell you frist fucking hand who and what its all about. So everyone knows just cause i have said the trueth and honest good things with these four people it doesnt mean anything because all four of them have a hard core side to them that u dont really want to push around. Kelly, Thank you and thank you for the blog post last night. Thank you for havein my back with all the NONE SENSE DRAMA that simple minded people want to cause in my life. Makes me want to run around the house scareming ahhhhhhh then i think of what u told me. Its going to be ok and if people want to start tell them fuck you with a smile. Im glad ive go you to talk to. Shanny, you have been a onderfull person also to talk to. You have told me some things that have just brought a smile to my face. I know ur always there when ever i need someone to talk to also. You have a great sweet personality that no one can ever turn away. glad i have gotten to know u. Ray~Ray, what is there to say but you are one of a kind, you and i have had our down times and our wonderful times...I am ur dark queen and you are my darkness king... through all the shit haters have had to say to you and I we have always made it back with a nice bounce and made them see that we wont let there nazzy azz bring us down. Chrissy, She is a fun loveing person with a heart of gold but she is one that u dont want to walk all over because through many things her and i have never once turned out backs on each other and i dont ever tend to turn my back cause i love her she is someone that will look at u with the sweetest face and tell u puck u. Dennis, Well i dont know what to say here beside we have managed to make it through alot of things and have seen so much since you have walked up in my life. You tend to do your thing and i tend to do my thing but we both know how we feel for each other and dont let the lil drama bitches bother us because we are better than that. No matter what i love u very much and always will Jay, Well well well lets see here ur my best male friend.... you are one of a kind with alot of things u have that frame of mind that u dont give a rats ass what anyone thinks of you or friends. ur a hero ur a protector just as i am, only mine is done more calmer. I do love you there is no dout there. You and I have had a great big deal with nonse sense bullshit that shouldnt of happen. But im going to tell you this NO MATTER WHOM IS IN OUR LIFE, they can kiss off because im here to stay just as ur here to stay in my life, and I love u for all u have been there for me and even if u didnt id still love u. Oh and i might add to friends that i have gotten to know also real good and thats Libragod for always being there to give a listening ear and careing thoughts and the drinks we share with one an other friends for ever as he told me Then there is T, he is a one of a kind man that makes ya just smile with each step of so many things, full of wisdom and honesty, totaly tells it like it is 101% of the way. I have to say each day we talk he is makeing me smile over something or an other Thank all for understanding everything Now that i have told my close friends thank u for always being there for me....Im getting on with alot of things that i have put aside because people have wanted to drag me through the dirt and make me think i had no fight in me....**Winks** i do have alot of fight in me and if u cant stand me or what im about the do me and all my friends a favor walk away before ur the one who gets all hurt..Because i myself dont have time for u and neither do none of my close and dear friends. My friends mean so much with every step i make in this world i know i have my foot prints covered becasue no matter what they are with me. weather its to help me with what im going through or if its just to make sure we are all ok Sky is a limit. friends are for ever, honesty and heart are now and forever, deep memory and carein thoughts are what my friends are made of, but hardness and meanness is also a factor of alot of things also cause we always have one an others backs Im closeing this blog now i hope u had fun reading this and remember if u have any question please feel free to come to me and ask me im not sca red to tell u what i think or what any of this is about. Mandie....His love burns for only me as my love only burns for him Please comment and rate and questions ???
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