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This blog is for those whom know what has been going on with me and my kids. Stupid Stupid Some People Are Just Stupid there sure is alot of them out there in the world becuase i dont understand there action of how they take care of things or handle things....Today was a normal Saturday spending time with the kids. Till my own child walks up to me and he has a mark on his face to his top of his nose all the way down his cute little face...Even his lips were all banged up. Any mother or father frist ask what happen and i get told i dont know. Now someone tell me how a child that has a his nose mouth and in all marked up dont know what happen ? Now my son will be eight next Saturday so he would of known what happen to him self. By this time im getting a lil agervated because his so called fa ther is ingore me on my questions. The turns to me and says oh he fell, now i would of let if at that if they looked like he had fallen or gotten hurt on his bike. but something didnt look right. So i turn back to my son and ask him once again. As i do this i grab my sons hands and my son lets out small cry. So i know for sure something is wrong here i look at his hands and he has blisters on this fingures. Now im really good and pissed. My sons aunt which is my my x's sister tells me that he was playing with matches. I asked my son and he tells me No mommmy i didnt do it. I told my baby that he didnt need to lie to me it was ok if he did just wanted to make sure he never does it again and that he is ok. He stoped talking really fast, when his father walked over to us. Then his father says look at his hair. Oh now im really worried here all these things piled in my head. I want to cry out for my son. Now dont get me wrong if my son has or did play with them then he needs to be punshed. But the trueth needs to be told. So once again i pull my ex to the side and i ask him what in the fucking hell happen to my son he tells me oh dont worry i took him to the dr and the dr said just leave it be. Hell fuck no im not leaveing something like that be. I just cant believe all im hearing so i walk away before i make a scence in the middle of my sons party and Chuck E Cheese. So from a day that went from something that was to be wonderfull to being totaly pissed and worried for my son because i dont know whats really going on with my son or as that matter my other two kids. After cooling off and getting all of our food my son comes to me and goes mommy dont bem ad at me for not telling u, iwas told not to tell u. So once again i bit my tounge and just wait and wait for the right time. Because if i had did or said anything i would of really hurt ppls feelings But as the top of the blog says Stupid Stupid Some People Are Just Stupid they must think im going to sit back and just let all this die away hell no thats my life form my pride and joy. People will hurt people will pay and i will get the trueth of what the fuck happen once and for all. But there at this point in time it wasnt the right time. Now i know some of u dont care to really read all this but as i said before the ones that know me and know what im going through will like to know and me not havein to reapeat it a few times....Im sorry if this blog has left some of u clueless. Children are the furture of our world Children are the faith in our hearts Children are the grace in our life Children are ou everything protect them love them charish them and for god sakes dont let them be harmed....I love my 3 kids with all my heart and i love everyone else kids for kids mean alot to me because kids are so specail they need us to protect them Im closeing this blog now please remember love the children for they maybe all we have . Mandie
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