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Stevens's blog: "How To's"

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(How_To) For New Members

The Information in this Blog should be helpful to get you started on Fubar.
Any of the links listed in this blog will have a dotted border on the bottom so you can better navigate the blog as well as learn the different areas Fubar has to offer..


The first place were gonna start ya off on is the Fubar Bible.

The Bible is comprised of valuable information that answers most of your about how the site works..

  1. Below is a few of the things listed in the Fubar Bible...
    • What Are Points And How Do I Earn Them?
      • For starters, every point earned is a fubuck earned. You earn points while you surf and interact on Fubar. When you reach a certain level, you will unlock features and benefits such as increased photo storage, ability to rate and comment more photos, ability to create MuMMs and more. For more on this subject go to the 'Fubar Bible'.
      • vic_triangle
      • HomeMy Hottest Latest Games Drinks Bling SearchInviteHelpLogout

        fsB Menu
    • How Do I Verify My Email?? email_icon:
      • Go to your black Fubar toolbar and click My then Profile settings. Under your signin email address is a link for Email Verification. Make sure to check your Spam and Bulk mail folders. If your Fubar email verification does not show up in your regular mail, you may also want to add emails@fubar.com to your address book and try it again.
    • Why do I constantly get messages stating an image was marked NSFW??
      • I will try to explain the three main functions here but most of this area can be explained by further reading the blog titled (How To) NSFW_Updates.
        1. Marked Completely NSFW:
          - This happened because the image was not Safe For Use anywhere on fubar.com's webspace.
          - This happened because the image was to Grotesque to use anywhere on fubar.com's webspace.
          - These images are given a NSFW mark and cannot be used on any portion of the website.
          - These images cannot attain points due to their NSFW nature.
        2. Marked Not Safe As A Primary:
          - This likely happened because fubar.com thought it would not be suitable for primary use as a default image.
          - These images still attain points but can no longer be used as a Primary Image.
        3. Final Call:
          - Always remember a Bouncer has "Final Call" on whether a image is Not Safe For Work or Safe For Work

        Like stated above more information can be found in the blog link listed above.
    • How Do I Use My Chat Box (formerly called: The Shout Box)?? chatbox_icon
    • How do I Load Images into My Photo Gallery??
      • Photos can easily be uploaded into your gallery by clicking on the “My ” link on the 'Main Menu' and then selecting the “Photos” link in the drop down menu.(On fsB Homepage click the "My Photos" link on the left column). From your Images Page, click the green "Add Photos" link at the top right of the page. Unless otherwise specified, the photos will be automatically uploaded to your Default Album.
      • You should see a page with a Java Applet on it. (Commonly Called The Multi-Image Loader)
      • If the Mulit-Loader doesnt work for you there is another tab that will go to the traditional upload tool (Please Note: Image formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png with 1Megabyte(MB) for the filesize).
    • How can I upload Photos From My Phone??
    • Salutes: What is it and How Can I Have One??
      • A salute is a candid photo of yourself holding a HANDWRITTEN sign with your screen name, member ID, and Fubar.com proving to the world that you’re the real person behind your Fubar profile. Members often write their information on their hands, feet or other body parts. Please do not submit NSFW salutes. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: Your SCREEN NAME Your Member ID number ,(which is located in the end of your URL address; www.fubar.com/user/#######) OR you can find it under your BUZZ METER or the top left corner of your internet browser on your home page. AND, the words: Fubar.com or Fubar. More information can be found here
        (How To) Submit Salutes and in the Fubar Bible under the link named What is a Salute?
      • Stevens's Salute, as an example:
      • stevens_salute
      • Examples of acceptable salutes:
        Dorks R Us



      • Examples of invalid (incorrect)Salutes:
        Sorry buddy but this has been photoshopped and will not be acceptedSorry this pic has been photo scanned and will not be acceptedSorry but greyscale salutes will not be accepted
    • How Can I Edit My Profile Settings??
      • Go to the 'Main_Menu' and hover “My ” / “Account ” then when the menu drops down click "Settings" and thats how you get there. Profile Settings. From there you can make the changes you like. Make sure to do the bouncer check on the bottom of every page to make sure it takes..
    • I don't like my Homepage How can I change it??
      • To set a different Homepage Style other than the one you currently have up you'll wanna go to the 'Main_Menu' and hover “My ” / “Account ” then click the 'Settings' link. When the settings page loads look on the top column and you'll be presented with some Homepage Styles. Click the best Homepage style you wish to use and the page will reload to your Homepage. To reverse this follow the same steps mentioned above.
    • How can I Filter My Comments??
      • If you want to filter comments before they hit your profile and all of your other comment areas (pictures, blogs, bulletins, etc...) go to the 'Main Menu" and click “My ” / “Account ” then click 'Settings'. When the 'Settings' page loads click on the "Privacy & Sharing" tab and look for the following:
        • Moderate Comments:
          - select "Yes" to approve all comments, select "No" to allow all comments to go through.
          Comment on My Photos & Posts:
          - Select Nobody to allone Noone to Comment
          - Select Family to only Allow Family to Comment
          - Select Friends to only allow Friends to Comment
          - Select Everyone to allow Everyone to Comment
          - Check the Require Salute box to be precautious of members without valid Salutes.
          Use HTML in Post Comments:
          - Select Nobody to allone Noone to leave HTML Comments
          - Select Family to only Allow Family to leave HTML Comments
          - Select Friends to only allow Friends to leave HTML Comments
          - Select Everyone to allow Everyone to leave HTML Comments
          - Check the Require Salute box to be precautious of members without valid Salutes.
          Comment on My Profile:
          - Select Nobody to allone Noone to leave Profile Comments
          - Select Family to only Allow Family to leave Profile Comments
          - Select Friends to only allow Friends to leave Profile Comments
          - Select Everyone to allow Everyone to leave Profile Comments
          - Check the Require Salute box to be precautious of members without valid Salutes.
          Use HTML in Profile Comments:
          - Select Nobody to allone Noone to leave HTML Profile Comments
          - Select Family to only Allow Family to leave HTML Profile Comments
          - Select Friends to only allow Friends to leave HTML Profile Comments
          - Select Everyone to allow Everyone to leave HTML Profile Comments
          - Check the Require Salute box to be precautious of members without valid Salutes.
        Once all is set all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the BOUNCER ID CHECK CODE, then click submit to save the changes.
    • How Can I Add Some Flare To My Profile??
      • This area is commonly called Skins. To add a background to your profile you can either browse other members skins by going to this link here or if you wish to create your own skin you may wanna read this blog (How To) Create Profile Skins. If you chose to use another members skin make sure to Preview the skin to make sure it still works with fubar's code logic, if you still like that particular skin, click on the 'Rip This Skin' link and it will become yours.
    • How Can I Add Music To My Profile??
      • You can add music to your profile by creating a play list. To see how to set a playlist up please read the blog titled (How To) Adding Music OR you can upload your own music by using one of these sites Hypster.com or musicjesus.com
    • Why Does My Browser Lock-Up or Show No Images on Fubar??
      • Most likely this means your browser is full of cache (commonly referred to the amount of images on a single page. If your browser does resemble these effects don't be alarmed, its just time to clean those cookies and start a new cache session.
        • To start a new cookie / cache session you need to go to this blog Cleaning_Cookies & Cache and follow the instructions carefully.
        • If the Browser continues to Lock Up try running it in Safe Mode (ie. without Plugins / Extenstions).
          - If the browser doesn't lockup anymore then it it a problem with one of your plugins or extenstions.
          - If it's an Extension Issue you will need to manually turn off each Extension till you find the source that is causing to Slow Down or Crash.
          - If its a Plugin Issue you will need to head towards Plugin Check and make sure your Plugins are Up-To-Date.
          - If you use a Webkit(Chrome) or Gecko(Firefox) based browser you can speed them up by reading the blogs mentioned below:

            (How To) SpeedUp Chrome  /  (How To) Speedup Firefox  /  (How To) Speedup Opera

If you have any further questions about this or any other topics about setting up your profile
Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or private message a Fubar Bouncer and they will try to help you the best they can.
For faster results you can also visit the Support Lounge and the staff/members will help you to the best of their abilities..

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