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45 Year Old · Male · From Aurora, CO · fuMarried to: Tally gives ... · Owned by 13 Famps Xx... and is worth 2 credits. · Joined on February 6, 2008 · Relationship status: Open Relationship · Born on November 28th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 4 different people have a crush on me!

What's up y'all?!? My name is DeMond but DMAN works too and is what most here refer to me and know me as!! First of all I'm SINGLE never married & never had kids yet unfortunately but I have three dogs one is Trixie who is a mini Australian Shepherd plus sooooo precious and deaf, she appears in many pictures and some salutes for lucky folks and Coco and Crispie my Chihuahua/Yorkie mix monsters who show up in some pics but no salutes because they are cray cray that are my 4 legged children LOL!! I used to be a major fubarholic and I am still addicted so who am I kidding bahahaha I love getting points, rates, likes, friends, fans, and yes bling but NEVER beg, I mostly run boomies and famps to show LUV 4 my fabulous fubar family so PLEASE check my family list to find some cool people, I host FREE to enter Auctions every few months to help folks get some of the things needed to level and help play the FU game but mainly I am an attentive friend and I just would like to be remembered and thought of here as a guy who is always willing to help so please feel free to request my aid, as I'm sure I will need to do myself at some point haha!! Ask me any questions!
Also I enjoy having the lovely ladies of fubar make SEXY SALUTES to DMAN & I guess I am somewhat known for the salutes I have acquired, many people on fubar know that I love my sexy salutes from the fantastic fubar females so do PLEASE salute DMAN because I loves them ALL and I reward salutes to me always!!!!!! I am flirty but ALWAYS respectful because that's how my mama raised me so I encourage everyone interested to send me a friend request and get to know me. People who remember me from back to 2008 can tell you more but I'm pretty chill and all I ask is PLEASE be respectful, like I always try to be and save the drama for yo mama, homie don't play that!!!!
I am always willing to help out with leveling or questions that new people to fubar may have or pretty much anything else you wanna contact me about! My shoutbox is open to all and anyone may leave me pic or profile comments with no approval needed again I say just be respectful and I promise that is all you will ever get from me!! I have a great time with my friends here and I love my fubar family, especially the ones who have been around for a while & help me out when I need it like we all do need on this crazy wonderful site!! Please love on my fubar family because they rock the house yo!!!!!!
Show luv and most importantly respect!!!!!!!! NO DRAMA, fubar is a GAME so do NOT question what I choose to do with my page or anything about who I leave comments to, who comments me OR what they say, who is or is NOT in my family and/or ANYTHING else about the page DMAN1973 pays for and has since 2008 so HOLLA if ya mutha f@cking hear me!?!?!?!?!?

My lovely 94 year old grandmother who passed Saturday November 19th 2016, she is missed greatly and I will FOREVER cherish this pic for the memory of the Denver Nuggets basketball game I took her 2, the only sporting event she ever attended! She was my sports watching buddy, love U MaMaMae

Oh yeah and if anyone cares to know I am half Black & half White which means I'm mulatto is the term used LOL so I'm proud of all of my heritage!! Raised by my Black aunt who adopted me from her brother, who was my father & she is the only Mom I've ever known: so my father was Black & is deceased & my birth mother is/was White & I've never even seen a picture of her let alone met her so there is the partial story of my life, do I overshare?!?! LMMFAO my name is DeMond & I am honest

Tally is the ying to my yang, the Tally Shagwell to my Austin DMAN Powers, Little Orphan Tally to my Daddy Fubucks, Roosters and Brewsters to my Boobs before Booze among MANY other names you will see the FU wifey and I have almost daily!! LOL my Tally is SO sexy, plus ridiculously FUN & drama free so show her lotsa luvs because she rocks the house; check out her page/pictures/salutes to see why I say that plus DMAN knows about salutes & sexy!!!!!! We are silly and fun so please don't take anything we do on FU too seriously, just lay back and enjoy the ride filled with laughs & spanks!!

WARNING: Any institution or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and copyrights and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.

I will gladly post banners to help anyone respectful so please just ask! I might also just add your banner if I visit your page and see that you need help and/or are going for a like/rate goal or achievement!!!!! The banners will be in this section of my profile!!

Any questions, my shout box is open to everyone so jump up in there! May the FU be with YOU bahaha oh yeah and PLEASE add me as a friend

My ranks @ levels 58, 59, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 & 68 here I cum 69 LOL
834th member to reach level 58
962nd member to reach level 59
810th member to reach level 61
753rd member to reach level 62
634th member to reach level 63
515th member to reach level 64
342nd member to reach level 65
577th member to reach level 66
478th member to reach level 67
626th member to reach level 68
500th member to reach level 69 hehehe I'm giggling @ 69 and member :p:P

My page was 2 long so the following speaks for itself

Fun Fukers Squad is a group that is designed to have fun and help others and chat with cool folks, it's not ONLY about achievements but if you play the fubar game and ever want to level then you will need help with achievements but if that is not your thing or whatever then more power to ya, so if you want more details & information about what our group actually does for people and is about then please contact Tally or myself, I'd love any family members to consider my group and any friends on my list already or those that may join in the future but there are other options so you do what is best for you based on what you think you know because above all DMAN stands for truth, liberty and doing your own damn thang Fukers!!!! :p:P Much love

I love the ones that I love truly, madly, deeply plus will do damn near anything for them, might even give them a body part (maybe the same one multiple times depending upon the lady :@) and some others I'm really cool with and will help out when I'm able; this is the category in which the vast majority of fubar and most of my real life friends reside and it's still a pretty gosh darn good spot to be if I say so myself dagnabbit however there are those we all know and some may even be they whom we call "friends" but we know better right!?
I want to thank all of my family & the ones who famp me, if you famp me then I shall return by famping you RATE ME/LIKE ME/FAN ME/ADD ME/ and I'll do the same, ya feel me!?

Old School's the rule cuz I'm a cool fool U'll either wanna duel or drool over
Now I'm back to just playing good music, always Old School LOL so enjoy!! Oh, still shout out to my low key stalkers and music lovers like Run VMC!!!!!!!! Now two weeks dedicated to my love of that wacky tobacky LMAO

45 Year Old · Male · From Aurora, CO · fuMarried to: Tally gives ... · Owned by 13 Famps Xx... and is worth 2 credits. · Joined on February 6, 2008 · Relationship status: Open Relationship · Born on November 28th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 4 different people have a crush on me!
I do love the ladies, love to drink, play pool, watch and play sports. I love reading and I like the Nuggets, Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies I support all the local teams I love all kinds of music, love to dance, Italian food is awesome and I just like to have fun. Hey ya'll I just heard about this place from a friend o mine named Gelibean and thought I would check out the party! She said that for someone who is a fan of T&A I should be a part of this and so far so good. I do love the ladies, women are so beautiful and make the world a better place. So I welcome any and all of you who are a part of the fairer sex to contact, interact, react and connect with me. I've got some pretty good male friends here as well so know that I pretty much accept all friend requests, as long as they are not blank. I also enjoy playing pool, I love sports, music, movies, games, Italian food and long walks on the beach. Oh wait I mean sex on the beach but not the drink. Oh who am I kidding I love that too! I enjoy drinking which is another reason for me to be here so any two fisted, gettin twisted, top listed people who love to party get at me. I was in the Army for three years so I support our troops. I like to read, play sports, I love playing pool and Texas Hold Em I love to go to games and much more so get to know me? This is a pic a friend of mine made for me I love my friends! I love making salutes and having them made for me so please make a sexy salute for me lovely ladies?
Confidence Is What Makes Me Sexy is the best and my owner so be sure to go rfa like crush her and show her lotsa loviesss plus MY wifey Tally is THE BEST so be sure you go and love her long time!!!!

I am an Army veteran and I went to Basic Training at Fort Jackson South Carolina and AIT at Fort Lee Virginia then I served three years at my duty station of Fort Drum New York and am a veteran of Somalia as well as Haiti where I was a Petroleum Supply Specialist meaning I mainly recirculated/tested/retested to remove water then refueled helicopters such as Blackhawks, Hueys and Cobras plus ground vehicles like HUMMVees, various cargo trucks and even an M1A1 Abrams tank in addition to driving 5000 gallon semi tankers and 2500 gallon HEMMT vehicles!!

I love to have fun and laugh and dance and play and make love and sing even though I can't sing and I love my sexy ladies so please get at me and show me love I give it all back and then some! I give rewards for all sexy salutes to me I will make it worth your while
I love new friends and fans and I am always open to speak with or have a dialog with anyone who is cool and respectful like I will be to you all. As for the rest of you the haters the downraters the non participaters........................ don't hate the player hate the game aiight? Peace and love to all fubar folk have fun people that's why we are all here
Video Games
I own a PS3 and am waiting for more cool games to come out, so anyone who has or knows any I would love to hear from you. I have Madden 08, NBA Live 08, Motorstorm and Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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    DMAN1973 Says S... So annoying to ONLY get the secret admirer notification from folks tryin' to get attention LMMFAO do a flavor & keep me out your spam sandwich! I provide fubar much needed things, one of the rare here not trying to be considered gorgeous/hot or a babe!! That shit played out in high school... or at least it should have I bring the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the motherfucking truth feel me?
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      BROOKLYN I was thinking the same shit, I'm sick of getting them from the same 3 damn females
      6 mins ago · Reply
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      Cousin Veni xKG... They're sayin you're No. 1, brother! ...and NO, I ain't touchin' that, smh, smDh, lol.
      2 hrs ago · Reply
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      Sinderella *pokes you.. You feel me? =P
      4 hrs ago · Reply
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      DMAN1973 Says S... I hope your weekend was wonderful filled with candy, ham, alcohol, bud, eggs plus hopefully few egg farts!!!! About twenty so far are entered into my next Auction........... with limited spots left time is running out FUs!!!! I'm hosting a Cinco de Mine Yo May 5th Auction again this year, so holla at your boy 2 see about entry! Send me a private message if you want 2 enter & I'll get back to you ASAP!!!!!
      I will B hosting another free Auction starting on May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, ending on May 12th Mother's Day!!! I have some saved that wanna join, most of you are not on that list LOL, so if you want in then you MUST send me a private message to see if I allow it, thanks to all FU!!
      6 hrs ago · Reply

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