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36 Year Old · Male · From Jacksonville, FL · Owned by I want your ... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on November 8, 2006 · Born on August 13th · 33 referrals joined!

About Me

Welcome to my profile page, let me start off by saying

"One gains Respect by learning another persons Boundaries".

I joined Fubar on November 8th, 2006 (Then known as CherryTap) and had a maximum level of 25 (Godfather).

I started just like any new member that joins today (pretty much knew nothing about the site or how to use it. I slowly worked my way to level 13 (Bad Fu) before I became a Fubar Bouncer on April 13th, 2007. As a bouncer I had one goal and to this day that goal is to help people as best as I can.

I have created many helpful blogs that will help New Members get acustomed with how fubar works. I have also created other (How To) blogs that can be viewed and will help members work their way around Fubar.com.

Please don't think just because I'm currently at a high level that I don't listen. That would be a false statement as I listen and respond to anyone & everyone no matter what their level, rank or position will be.

My shoutbox is always open.

I love hanging in the Support Lounge. In fact you'll find me anda few others in there most of the time. When I'm in there I am always lurking in the shadows while I am online. If you ever need to get ahold of me check the lounge first.

If you ever need a lounge coded you can message a Volunteer Coder if they are available(please note: they are not obligated to help in an official capacity). Please send them a private message with either the lounges full url or the 5 digit lounge id number and an explaination of what you want or how they can help.

(You can send me a message to help with lounge coding
Unfortunately I only fix lounge coding issues).

Currently I stand around 6'1" (thats 185.42CM on the metric scale) and weight around 270 - 285 pounds. Yes I am currently single, but I am not really in a rush to get into a relationship as I intend to take a different path than both my mother and my father did when they met each other.

Finally, once you get to know me you'll notice I'm a very sweet and charming guy, but if I feel I'm being screwed I will ignore you and what you have to say.

"I am always here to help."

If you ever have any questions that relate to fubar
don't be afraid to come to me.
I would rather answer a question than pu**yfoot around with a declaration!

Feel free to add me as a friend or a family member.

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36 Year Old · Male · From Jacksonville, FL · Owned by I want your ... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on November 8, 2006 · Born on August 13th · 33 referrals joined!

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