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Things have begun to change for me and now I am getting this odd feeling that I am alone through all this. Its been really tough for me to handle but I can deal with this pain anymore. Bair and I have bben growing distant since we found out that I was pregnant. He acts like he doesnt want to be involved or anything like that. Maybe I am better off alone any how than I can focus more on the child or children that is on the way. Its bad when your ex does more for you than the one that you are with. And that deeply hurts me in so many ways but I am strong and I know that I will pull through it anyway. I really dont need a man in my life unless he wants to deal with the package that I carry. I feel in my heart that I really dont need to be in a realtionship with anyone at this time but focus on myself and the baby that I am carrying! But I just dont know how to break the news to Bair or how to handle the situation all together! Hopefully the answer will come very soon!
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