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Icarus's blog: "Hurts to watch."

created on 09/21/2009  |  http://fubar.com/hurts-to-watch/b309843

What's your sad story?

I'm bored with mine.

Today I made ... Koshian Aoume?

spell check..

Basically its sweet bean paste made into
sweet bean dumplings.

I improvised on several key components, but I can say that I've got the flavor pretty close to the internals of those delightful japanese tea cakes >>

they weren't kidding though

you really need to take the skins off before even seriously considering making this stuff.


...WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much sugar in these things.

Hell if I didn't suspect that sugar was a structural component I'd probably make savory fillings. They're seriously like bean no-bake cookies.


and then I decided to make savory fillings.

But this time I'm gonna try with chickpeas.

cranberry/jalapeno brined pickled onions.

Why the hell not?

Basically what we're looking at here is a 10:10:1 ratio of beans, flour, rice flour and about ... :5 sugar.

... why can't that sugar be flavor components?

I'm more inclined toward savory anyway, might explain all the dark dusky sharp flavors I enjoy.

Except in my hard alchohol... oh wait...

So I'm thinking

chickpea dumplings
I bet I could even fry em instead of steam em.

When they come out of the steamer they're maleable, storeable and ready to eat.

Problem is its like 4 different cooking processes because you have to cook the beans
mash the beans
jar the beans (ever tried to knead boiled beans into flour?)
handle the batter like a baked good

...which also means I could probably bake them. But god knows those things would come out like that crazy ration-bean-bread they made in the civil war
hard tack
that was the stuff.

High protein makes for a very gooey very sticky very tough batter.

No I'm thinking crazy pancakes/fry bread
and dumplings.

You could probably fill em

you could probably put cheese in em

you could probably live off em

you're practically biting into red beans and rice.

... especially if I use MORE rice flour.

In the meantime


I'm depressed.

Could have something to do with being single and busy and tired.

Could be a chicken before the egg thing too.

Find me a whore. Its never wrong to "just want sex" if you draw up a contract that clearly explains that.


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