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Icarus's blog: "Hurts to watch."

created on 09/21/2009  |  http://fubar.com/hurts-to-watch/b309843

Where the hell are my 3/4th shirts?
and where the hell is the love?

Y'know that thing between your legs.

think its about time someone said it
said something about somewhere about that time.
That time it all came down on me
and probably broke something that time

that time

that time

don't you ever get tired of the people you fuck?

Not just the fun way.
But that way that gets people sick.
Gets people poor.
Gets people hurt.


In my favorite vein.
Up my favorite arm.
Down my favorite spiral.
Up my favorite dose.

Shakes are there.
Blurs there.
Light's there.

Out out down and missing.
Killed in action.
Grasped in timeless.
Grossed in endless.

Discarded in my vanity.

Like everything else in the fire.


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